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4 SaaS Digital Marketing Tactics

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Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies require a strategic approach to reach their audience and grow their business. Expanding a business, however, is not an easy task in today’s competitive marketplace. As most SaaS companies sell their products to other businesses, it is often considered a B2B business. Like any other B2B business, SaaS companies need to implement effective digital marketing to achieve their growth objectives.

Digital Marketing Tactics for SaaS

SaaS digital marketing, used to help SaaS businesses promote their products and generate sales, is an important facet of the SaaS business strategy. From positioning a product and building awareness to engaging your potential leads and converting them into customers, a well-rounded digital marketing strategy can benefit your SaaS business in many ways.

Focus on Content Marketing

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Content marketing is one of the most efficient SaaS digital marketing strategies that can help you achieve your marketing goals. It encourages you to post high-quality and relevant content on your website and other marketing mediums to attract and engage with your potential audience. It is important to remember that customers looking for SaaS products are doing so as a solution to solve pre-existing problems. While choosing a SaaS company, customers often focus on the features and benefits you are offering. It is therefore essential to highlight the features and benefits your products provide to attract these potential customers. To accomplish this, utilize different content types to make your solutions stand out. 


Creating a unique content marketing strategy can be challenging. You need to focus on creating consistent, high-quality, and personalized content that offers value to your potential customers. This helps you compete with other brands and creates a unique brand identity in the market. Formulating different types of content for various platforms gives your SaaS brand better exposure, acquires backlinks, and supports your SEO initiatives.

Offer Free Trials for SaaS

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Incentivizing your customers is a great way to acquire customers. Consider offering your customers ‘FREE’ SaaS trials, allowing them to experience the features and benefits of your product or service. It also helps you show off your customer service and support to your target audience. Free SaaS trials can also improve your recurring revenue as this process doesn’t have shipping or return shipping costs. If the service or the product fits well with your customer’s needs, it might lead to conversions with no additional effort. 


Free SaaS trial initiatives will also allow you to gain valuable insights from your customers. This feedback can be used to make further improvements to products that may have gone unnoticed. To make this initiative successful, make use of the right mediums to reach your customers. For example, send cold emails to people who match your ideal customer persona. Also, focus on making these emails enticing with relevant content and CTAs to sign up for your product trial.

Leverage SaaS Review Sites

 A lot of internet users look at product or service reviews and ratings before making a purchasing decision. SaaS products are typically not tangible and are meant to make customers’ lives more convenient. This means that prospective buyers tend to rely on review sites before trying out the product. To leverage this, be sure to list your company on various review sites. Websites that have their own follower base regularly visit them before deciding on purchasing a product or service.

Utilize Affiliate Marketing

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Word of mouth, notably, is a compelling SaaS digital marketing technique. To grow your business and attract potential customers, you can utilize this technique through affiliate marketing. Relying solely on effective SaaS product design and organic marketing channels can delay your growth process. Apart from formal marketing strategies, affiliate marketers help attract customers and drive conversions with their own audiences. To make this process effective, you can partner with market influencers, affiliate websites, and even customers who benefit from referrals. It is cost-effective since you only pay the affiliate when your customer clicks the affiliate link and purchases your product.

Implement These Digital Marketing Tips To Grow Your SaaS Business

Generating qualified leads and increasing sales as a SaaS business can be difficult in the highly dynamic and competitive modern market space. For better outcomes, you can also consult an expert digital marketing agency to develop and optimize a digital marketing strategy that will help your business grow.