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As a reflection of your brand’s values and everything that your business stands for, your website is one of the most prominent and vital aspects of your business’s online presence.

Websites contain multiple elements such as visual and written content that come together to create a brand identity for your business. Therefore, each of these elements needs to be selected carefully and should be consistent across the entire website.

A Quick Description of Website Design

Website design involves everything from a user experience and user interface standpoint. User experience (UX) involves improving the emotions and attitudes users have towards your website by making the website user-friendly, engaging and more. User interface (UI) involves improving the interactions between the user and website by making the website visually appealing, interactive and much more. By properly implementing both of these aspects, users will have a seamless website browsing experience on a beautifully designed website.

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Ottawa Web Design

As an Ottawa-based company, we often find ourselves thinking about great businesses in Ottawa that we believe could see immense growth through updates to their website. For this reason, we’ve decided to make a blog to help our readers and these Ottawa businesses understand the strengths and weaknesses of their websites.

ActiveCare Medical Group Website

In this blog, we will be evaluating the website of ActiveCare Medical Group, a Canadian medical clinic. We will look into some of its strengths and drawbacks in terms of website design.

The ActiveCare Medical Group website currently has both strengths and weaknesses. We will review the website by highlighting and analyzing each element from a design standpoint and provide suggestions on how to improve them. This will allow you to see which design modifications go hand in hand with your own website and will help you learn how to improve them. Without further ado, let’s analyze the ActiveCare Medical Group website to discover which elements of the website design are strong and which elements need some work.

The Website’s User Experience

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Over time, almost all businesses have been striving to take their user experience a notch higher. However, the question is, what makes user experience (UX) so important for the success of a business? UX is a necessity for all websites because it is an effective avenue to fulfill your consumers’ needs. A website with a good user experience engages your audience successfully and allows seamless usability, all of which help you accomplish your business objectives.


Poorly structured

One main flaw of this website is the structure of its homepage. There are no defined sections or titles that let the reader easily navigate the page. This can cause confusion among readers and ultimately lead to a higher bounce rate on their website, harming their search engine ranking. Another drawback of the website is the absence of prominent calls to action. A call to action encourages users to opt for your services, thereby garnering more business. By not including a call to action, website visitors are left wondering where to go to complete the next step in their customer journey and might opt to seek the next best option instead.

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Poor Usability

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The brand’s website does not rank highly when it comes to user-friendliness. It offers too much information, making it difficult for people to locate the important information. Moreover, it has no internal link structure transferring you from one web page to another. These factors might make a visitor’s experience on the website time-consuming and can negatively affect their ability to accomplish their goals.

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Fair Responsiveness

Despite the drawbacks, the responsiveness of the site appears to be effective. You can access the site on all devices and provide viewers a great user experience. It’s important to note that despite the strong overall responsiveness, there are still some minor responsiveness flaws in the website that could be improved.

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Simple Navigation

The website is easy to navigate. It has clearly segregated tabs for all the services offered by the business. Viewers can navigate from one page to another with ease, by clicking on the required tabs. Though the website menu is quite easy to navigate, there are still certain improvements that need to be made in terms of navigation. For instance, there are very few hyperlinks that can guide the users from one webpage to another, making it difficult to find what you are looking for.

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The Website’s User Interface

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User interface (UI) design is one of the driving forces behind the major influx in traffic to your website. It is what attracts people to your website, retains them and transforms them into consumers. In fact, this is one aspect of your website that must never be overlooked. These days, online users have no interest in browsing a website that is unattractive and difficult to interact with.


Poor Visual Design

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The design of the clinic’s website does not stand out among others in the industry. The website comes with minimal visuals and has an excess of written content. The lack of high-quality images and other visual elements is likely to make viewers lose interest in the site quickly and move on to another.

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Poor Typography

An aspect of the website that is especially lacking is its use of font types and sizes. The fonts appear to be extremely small, making it quite difficult to read the content clearly. In addition to this, the colour combination of black, blue and green text gives the website a slightly unprofessional look. By implementing consistent typography of various sizes and colours based on the sections of the webpage, ActiveCare Medical Group can significantly improve the aesthetic of their website typography.

Website Section Poor Typography

Poor interactivity

The ActiveCare Medical Group website does not come across as very interactive. Users are unlikely to actively engage for long periods of time with the site due to its lack of structure and usability. By clearly separating the sections, adding calls to action to redirect users from webpage to webpage, and improving the aesthetics of the website, users would be much more likely to stay on the website for longer periods of time.

webpage with poor interactivity

The Missing Touch: User Experience and User Interface

As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, website user experience is a combination of elements that make the experience of the user enjoyable and effective when using the website. On the other hand, the user interface complements the user experience by determining the aesthetics of the website along with its interactivity and presentation.

As for the ActiveCare Medical Group website, while the user experience is moderate, the brand lacks professionalism and quality when it comes to its user interface. Due to an overall outdated appearance, the website does not manage to represent the strengths of the business properly.

Importance of good User Experience and User Interface

User experience (UX) and user interface (UI) have a vital role to play in improving the performance of a website. By successfully implementing the UX and UI of a website, customers are more likely to be satisfied and your business is more likely to accomplish their website goals.

Good user experience and user interface help accomplish the following objectives.

  • Increase customer engagement and conversion
  • Enhance brand credibility and perception
  • Rake in higher sales, revenues and profits
  • Improve website performance metrics

To learn more about the benefits and the importance of UX and UI visit our user experience and user interface service pages.

Final Thoughts

As discussed throughout this blog, your website design can make or break the performance of your business. We suggest that all businesses prioritize the quality of their website to successfully attract, convert and retain their audience.

If you would like to learn more about website design, feel free to reach out to one of our experts at myMarketing.

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