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Important SEO KPIs You Should be Tracking

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most effective digital marketing techniques for greater visibility and searchability. In order to rank higher in search results, it is important to include search engine optimization in your digital marketing strategy. In a competitive digital market, where traffic ensures your business’s future, SEO builds trust and earns you credibility. With an
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Things to Check Before Hiring an Ottawa Digital Marketing Agency | Marketing in Canada’s Capital

Developing and implementing a digital marketing strategy can be an overwhelming task, especially for businesses with a small team. Even the most equipped marketing teams sometimes do not have what it takes to run successful marketing campaigns. This is where digital marketing agencies come into play. These agencies can help you to strategize and implement digital marketing activities that allow
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Tips for Creating a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

With the shift from traditional to digital, more and more people tend to consume all kinds of information online. In this scenario, investing in a unique digital marketing campaign is an effective way to reach out to these prospects. To run a business successfully today, it is no longer enough to simply create a website or a social media account.
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The Top 6 E-Commerce Marketing Services

E-commerce accounts for approximately $3.5 trillion sales worldwide. With competition increasing by the day, only businesses that go the extra mile can stand apart. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or have a well-established customer base, to excel in an e-commerce business it is important to know the latest e-commerce marketing trends and techniques. If you are wondering which e-commerce
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Application of PPC in the Real Estate Industry

Technology has massively transformed how the real estate industry functions. While television and radio advertising has been around for decades, using these traditional forms of advertising is no longer the only option. The alternative? Pay-per-click. A cost-effective means to promote real estate services, PPC lets you target consumers accurately, based on their online behaviour and the services they frequently search
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Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Defining Individual Forms of Marketing – Traditional and Digital Operating a successful business demands more than selecting the right market and displaying a high-quality product. It is about leveraging the right marketing method to reach a brand’s target audience and transform them into buyers. Traditional Marketing Traditional marketing signifies any kind of marketing that is not performed online. It includes
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Why Invest In Content Marketing Services

Content is the basis of any digital marketing strategy. The sheer volume of users looking for a solution to their problem online through search engines makes it a great opportunity for businesses to reach new clients. Content helps generate new leads and increases the amount of traffic your online platforms receive. In this blog, we will discover the importance of
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Getting Started With LinkedIn Lead Generation Messages

Are you looking to actively engage with new prospects via LinkedIn? One of the best ways to do this is through LinkedIn messaging. Lead Generation through LinkedIn Messages can be divided into two parts – Invitation messages and follow-up messages. In this blog, we’ll discover some tactics businesses should use to start or improve their LinkedIn lead generation. Invitation Messages
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Website Design Review for Top Restaurants in Ottawa | Marketing in Canada’s Capital

Managing a restaurant is not an easy task, especially in today’s digital era when the internet has overtaken every aspect of our lives. Today, when most consumers cannot spend a single day without browsing the internet, it becomes necessary for businesses like restaurants to invest in a quality website design. Your restaurant’s website gives you full control over the content
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Top Graphic Design Stats for 2021

Creating a strong visual identity has long been a goal for all brands. To do this, businesses must implement graphic designs that resonate with their target audience throughout the entirety of their brand. Let’s take a look at some of the most important stats surrounding each sector of graphic design. For the full list of our sources follow this link: