Harnessing the Power of Emotional Marketing to Elevate Your Business

Emotions influence buyer behavior, you can leverage them to influence your conversion rate. Using emotions in marketing develops meaningful relationships that supplement loyalty marketing. According to a study by Nielson, ads with more than strong emotional response triggers result in a 23% increase in sales

Appeal to Customers Through Using Emotional Marketing

Use Impactful Colour Schemes

Colors complement emotional marketing as consumers relate certain colors to specific emotions. For example, a blue and white logo evokes calmness and soothes the viewer; mental health or meditation services often evoke these colors, so users associate this service with peacefulness.

Make Content Motivational

When people are motivated by a stimulus, they often think or act differently. They might feel a certain sense of pride when they see someone they relate to overcoming an obstacle or be swayed by some good deed they see in action.

Leverage the appropriate human-interest story in your content that relates to your brand. By associating with a relevant public figure people endorse, you will gain the trust of consumers. For example, Nike and Gatorade employ emotions by using athletes like Micheal Jordan and Serena Williams as brand ambassadors.

Create a Sense of Urgency

By creating a sense of urgency around purchasing, people feel fear of missing out. Consumers with impulsive tendencies would rather purchase on impulse instead of not buying and regretting it later. Brands use limited-time offers to make people come to their buying decisions quicker. You can create a sense of urgency to your offers by using terms like ‘Limited Time Offer’, ‘Limited Stock’, or ‘Only 4 days left. Hurry’.

Connect With Consumers on a Personal Level

Focusing your strategy on the consumers’ most personal and raw emotions can be appealing and transform your brand image. This also works for industries where differentiation is difficult, by connecting with people’s emotions they will be more inclined to pick your product over another that is almost identical.

Implementing Emotional Marketing Can Boost Customer Acquisition.

According to studies, customers who are connected to a brand emotionally are 52% more valuable than customers who are simply satisfied with your brand. When you create content, consider the emotions of your consumers and create a meaningful message.

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