How Branded Keywords Help Your Business Growth

Branded keywords are queries that contain your brand name or a variation of it. A defined set of branded search-engine-friendly keywords in your content boosts your ranking on Google search results. For example, Nike may optimize their content to have “comfortable Nike running shoes” appear on a web page many times because they know that a significant portion of potential customers searches for this specific phrase when they’re looking for shoes.

Reasons To Focus on Branded Keywords

Target and Convert the Right Audience

People who search for your branded keywords are already familiar with your business and are likely interested in purchasing your products or services without needing additional convincing. This audience is further along in the buying cycle than an unaware person searching for similar products, so it is easier to convert this segment into a sale. It is therefore important to ensure that your landing pages are well-optimized for conversions to increase the likelihood of capitalizing on search traffic brought in by branded keywords.

Land at the Top of Search Results

By appearing in paid ads and organic search results, you build trust with customers and reinforce the perception that you are an established and popular business. Branded keywords will rank your company higher in searches because you have the highest authority over keywords related to your brand.

Increase Authority

User-generated reviews and content often contain your branded keywords. If you do not utilize them, these reviews may appear before your company’s content. To control what information customers see first, promote branded keywords to increase your search ranking and web traffic for pages with content that you’ve specifically tailored as landing page content for searchers exploring what you have to offer.

Enhance Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Your competitors can actively use your branded keywords against you. In PPC campaigns, other companies can bid on your branded keywords, so when customers search for you, they also get several similar ads from other companies. You can respond to this by bidding on your branded keywords in your PPC campaigns, and if you want to take it a step further, on your competitor’s keywords as well.

Use Branded Keywords To Grow Your Business

When you optimize your search results campaign, you can create more profitable traffic with branded terms. Branded keywords generate leads who are already interested in buying your product and are more likely to turn into a sale. Using branded keywords to appear higher on search results also builds trust with consumers by establishing your brand as the leading authority in your niche.