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How To Create Leads for Your SaaS Business Using PPC

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To reach target prospects through SaaS marketing, you can create valuable content, leverage email campaigns, and offer free trials to prospective subscribers. However, one of the highest impact SaaS digital marketing tactics we recommend investing in is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertisements to further promote your product.

The flexibility of PPC allows you to target prospects based on whether they are positioned at the bottom or top of your sales funnel. In doing so, you can be cost-efficient by putting money into advertisements that actually lead to conversions. Further value is added through the ability to track metrics, easily conduct A/B tests to compare which campaigns are effective, and precisely target keywords and keyword variations in each one of your ad groups.

Tips To Get The Most From Your SaaS PPC Campaigns

Optimize Your Landing Pages


Your PPC landing pages need to be compelling, as they’re the very first step in a potential customer’s journey once they’ve been directed to your site after clicking on one of your ads. Ensure each landing page has a clear purpose, and that every element on each page works together to funnel visitors towards your call-to-action.

Additional features like chatbots can also prove to be useful for a landing page. They help to reduce bounce rates, start conversations immediately, and engage efficiently with your audience. Never let your landing pages go unattended for a long time and be sure to always follow up with visitor enquiries as soon as possible.

Target Low Competition Keywords

When an SaaS company begins promoting their product, their initial focus should be on keywords that echo the sentiment ‘I’m ready to buy!’ These bottom-of-the-funnel keywords are considered more actionable because they target people during the final stages of the sales process.

Creating content that successfully attracts your target market helps you draw your desired audience to your site. You get to access their contact details at a nominal cost by targeting keywords focused on the buyers’ requirements and not just the products themselves. To do this, imagine what your would-be-customers would search to find your products online, and build out your keyword list using the search queries that come to mind.

Use Remarketing Campaigns

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Remember that prospective clients are not necessarily going to remember your brand, let alone make a purchase, after the first time they see it. A longstanding principle of marketing, called “The Rule of Seven,” states that a prospect must hear from your business seven times before they finally make a purchase. 

That’s what makes remarketing extremely powerful in every industry, and especially for SaaS products with a long sales cycle. You can develop and implement remarketing campaigns based on a varied range of user actions, like a specific kind of action or a page visit that might have happened, and by repeatedly delivering your brand messaging you can move prospects from the pre-contemplation phase of the buyer’s journey towards contemplation and being ready to make a purchase.

Monitor And Adjust Campaigns

All good PPC campaigns need oversight and ongoing management to be optimized. You can start by improving your click-through rates as they are clear indicators of how relevant your ads are in terms of what people are looking for. They also contribute significantly to the rankings of your ads on search engines. You can improve click-through rates by A/B testing ad headlines, ad copy, and customizing URLs. Monitoring your campaigns also helps you track their health and monitor the returns they are generating while determining what content needs to be adjusted to further improve results.

PPC Ads Open Up New Opportunities for SaaS Companies To Promote Their Product

As you move ahead with the above-mentioned tips for SaaS marketing using PPC, remember how a comprehensive SaaS marketing strategy should align with the overall goals of your business. Whether you’re promoting your products to interested customers, or educating a wider audience about your services, a thoughtful and well-established set of goals tied to your business’s priorities is vital to the PPC success for all SaaS marketers.