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How To Generate More E-Commerce Sales This Christmas Shopping Season

Recent changes in consumer behaviour have forced many e-commerce retailers to change how they generate sales, and this coming Christmas is no exception. With the holiday season fast approaching, e-commerce merchants should prepare for the upcoming spike in online purchasing behaviour.

2021 is set to witness millions of additional retail sales, breaking the past year’s record, including the figures achieved on Cyber Monday and Black Friday. So, how can your business gear up for this surge ahead of the Christmas holiday shopping season?

Tactics To Boost Sales During the Christmas Shopping Season

Offer Extra Discounts To Repeat Buyers

Each year, Christmas provides a reason for shoppers to increase their spending on gifts for loved ones. The added spending means opportunities for retailers to attract consumers with discounts that might not be offered during other parts of the year.

One strategy to boost your sales this Christmas season is to offer incremental discounts to repeat buyers. Customers love being rewarded for their loyalty and offering them increasingly larger discounts and savings as thanks for their repeated business is a great way to keep them coming back to your store for more

Apply Cart Abandonment Tactics

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There will always be difficult-to-convert customers who add products to their cart but leave your website without completing a purchase. Fortunately, there are tactics that can be implemented to re-engage these customers and encourage them to come back to your store to complete their orders.

This strategy can be especially effective during the holiday season and can help guide consumers on their path to check out. Strategies like website pop-ups and abandoned cart emails can keep buyers engaged with your brand and can remind them to return to your store at a later time to finish their order.

Utilize Paid Ads

The simplicity of purchasing products online has made life easier for customers who are shopping at Christmas. With this significant boost in online shopping, it is vital that your brand is visible online and stands out amongst all competitors.
Try running paid ads on important and popular social channels like Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook, and search engines like Google. Regardless of your business type and industry, paid ads can help you reach more consumers who might otherwise be unaware of your brand. Paid advertising also enables you to target ready-to-buy members of your target audience based on the keywords you choose to target.

Promote Discounts With a Timer Online

Everyone loves the idea of a countdown. Much like the final few seconds left before New Years, a sales countdown can generate excitement and anticipation that leads to a rise in sales and traffic to your website.

Make your Christmas specials stand out by advertising scarcity and exclusivity using timers and countdowns on social media, in emails, and in website copy. Shoppers are likely to visit your store when they feel like there is a limited amount of time to capitalize on a deal. An effective tactic is to apply a countdown timer on the homepage of your online store. This will make every visitor aware of your sales and give them a sense of urgency to purchase right away.

Start Generating More Sales Using These Tactics During the Christmas Season

This Christmas digital marketing guide is a strong point to start generating more e-commerce sales this Christmas season. Your business can leverage the tactics and strategies above to create more interest in your offerings, generate more traffic to your website and store, and increase your sales this Christmas season.