Cyber Monday sale on mobile.

Making Your Business Stand Out On Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday sale on mobile.

Initiated through a press release by the National Retail Foundation and publicized through, Cyber Monday has emerged as one of the biggest global shopping events of the year. Having ruled the holiday shopping market for over 14 years, it has managed to retain the top spot over the past two years and it appears that 2020 will be no different. Studies show that over a third of the total number of shoppers begin their Cyber Monday Marketing a day before the actual event. This rapid online shopping event is the perfect opportunity for businesses to portray their best, most unique deals to an entirely new audience, both before and after the event.

Now, with the biggest global brands making the most of the event, let’s discover what Cyber Monday marketing strategy is helping them maximize sales.

Get Your Site Ready

With an influx of traffic coming from Cyber Monday marketing, you need to make sure that your website is prepared to serve as many consumers as possible. Make sure that your website has a fast, yet simple navigation system. A smooth experience will make a good first impression and help your brand retain consumers long after the event is over. Accessible customer service is also a must when consumers require prompt assistance. From engaging with customers directly and selling more inventory than usual, your website must be prepared to handle a high amount of traffic throughout the day.

Take A Philanthropic Approach

As the sustainability-loving consumers enter the era of purchasing power, brands are accommodating their needs to take a humanitarian approach to their Cyber Monday marketing campaign. Consider connecting your brand to a noble cause and donate a certain percentage of your total Cyber Monday earnings for it. You can then promote your cause to make your consumers feel involved in a positive change. A philanthropic approach can work wonders for your campaign.

Pay Attention to Packaging

As online shopping continues to rise, retail stores must become more competitive to set themselves apart. This has made innovation a necessity when it comes to providing a unique user experience. Make sure that your product stands out in an ocean of dull boxes. Implement some attractive unboxing ideas that can also transform into advertising as a part of your Cyber Monday marketing strategy. As short “unboxing” videos are popular amongst video platforms like TikTok and YouTube, you can use this to your advantage and gain free exposure if your packaging impresses your audience.

Create a Gift Guide

Shoppers tend to enjoy the craze of hunting for the best offers, especially if it is a holiday shopping event. They also have a rough estimate of the amount they would like to spend on their gifts. You can provide them with a great shopping experience by making it easy for them to unravel options that are covered within their estimated price range. A gift guide might be a great way to execute this plan.

Lots of Promotion

Now that all your groundwork is done and complete, you have one major aspect remaining as part of your strategy. You need to make people aware of the amazing deals that you are offering for your Cyber Monday sale. This usually means indulging in lots of promotions, both online and in-store. The more you advertise your brand and offers, the more your chances of acquiring greater footfall. Make the best use of your social media platforms, website, and digital ads to carry out these promotions.

The Importance of a Cyber Monday Marketing Strategy

A sound Cyber Monday marketing campaign is the key to big businesses making the maximum profits out of these events. With competition amongst other online retailers at an all-time high, staying on top and standing out is essential. It is up to the business to take initiative by offering unique deals, having sufficient inventory, preparing their website and using the right digital marketing platforms. The aim is to reach out to as many people as you can and promote your offers to maximize revenue. So, what strategy are you opting for this Cyber Monday?

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