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How to Optimize your Google My Business Listing to Get More Customers

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All businesses today require targeted visibility, especially on Google. About 97% of people find out about local companies online, as opposed to anywhere else. Despite this, most people don’t realize that Google business listings are an area that also needs optimization. As the local business owner,  you want to ensure your company name appears when people search for local services online. 

Google My Business (GMB) benefits businesses of all types and sizes. It offers a competitive edge when managing the online presence of your business and attracts more customers. Local SEO is also greatly improved by GMB since it lets you engage with consumers through posts and reviews, and it offers useful insights into the purchasing paths of your customers. One of the best features is that GMB will cost your business absolutely nothing!

Optimize your Google My Business Listing With These Techniques

Provide Accurate and Up-To-Date Information

To make the most of your GMB profile, ensure that the information displayed on it is always up and accurate. The listings for Google My Business are the storefront for your brand, so accuracy is crucial. You might be surprised, but outdated information like an old phone number, a bounced email, or a non-functional website can drastically cut your engagement and customer acquisition. 

One commonly overlooked piece of information not often updated by businesses is their holiday hours. A small but crucial piece of information: accurate holiday hours can increase store and web traffic during peak buying seasons. In addition, because rankings for Google My Business are all about localized searches, relevancy and proximity are important factors.

Post Photos of Your Business

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A profile picture is one of the first things consumers will look for when searching for your business online. Listings with photos attract 35% higher clicks and are considered twice as reputable as those without. GMB encourages uploading a cover photo, profile picture, and video to display your business. Uploading featured user-generated content is even better.

Encourage Clients to Leave Reviews

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Adding reviews to your Google My Business profile can help your ranking increase. Try and gather as many positive reviews as you can. Google uses both the average star rating and the number of reviews within its algorithms. It helps determine businesses that show up first on Google Maps and in search results. Also, make sure you respond to both your good and bad reviews to show you care about your customers.

Include Text Messaging and Calling Options in Your Listing

Consider mobile messaging as an aspect of your marketing strategy. If your customers are looking for something on your website or listing and cannot find it, they will want to contact you. 90% of business leads prefer interacting over text messages instead of phone calls. Setting up the messaging option allows clients to send text messages from the Google Business Profile directly to your phone. Now that 82% of smartphones use their device for local searches, it is a major opportunity for your consumers to stay in touch with your business.

Optimize your Google My Business Listing to Grow Your Business

When your customers are looking online for your local business, Google My Business will provide them with vital information. Google My Business is an easy choice for managing customer interaction and presenting regular business updates as a free tool.