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Entrust your success to seasoned digital experts backed by a diverse team of specialists. Benefit from proven strategies driving businesses forward in all digital marketing areas.

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Cost-Effective Digital Excellence

Eliminate expenses from unproductivity and bypass employment costs with our all-inclusive solutions—at a fraction of traditional costs. Get a full-scale marketing department for one employee’s cost.


Strategic Partnership for Growth

Join a dynamic alliance with myMarketing’s committed experts. Our continuous tactic refinement propels your business upward. More than an implementation service; we’re your growth catalyst.

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Adaptive Support, Your Way

More than a service; we’re your dedicated team. Like trusted employees, we flex to meet your needs. Your business demands flexibility, and we deliver.


On-Demand Service Requests

Effortlessly access any digital marketing service. Streamlined project and task management ensures productive hours and zero disruptions, sparing you from productivity concerns.


Scalable Full-Service Marketing Solutions

Scale your marketing with our subscription model, adapting easily to industry shifts without hiring more staff. Adjust your strategy swiftly with myMarketing’s agile approach.

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Your guide to digital marketing success

As the world’s first full-service digital marketing subscription, we redefine digital marketing by offering an all-encompassing subscription model that guarantees productivity, optimal investment, and expertise in a comprehensive solution.

With myMarketing, you’re forming a partnership with a dedicated professional, fully supported by our multifaceted marketing team, industry-leading tools, and successful processes.

Boost your ROI with your own marketing department for the cost of one employee.

Our digital marketing services

myMarketing revolutionizes digital marketing by offering a comprehensive marketing solution that guarantees productivity, optimized investment, and specialized expertise, all wrapped up in a full-service subscription model. Choosing us means forming an alliance with a dedicated professional, fully backed by our multifaceted marketing team.

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A better solution for your digital marketing needs

A recurring challenge that is consistently encountered across businesses is decision-making in the marketing realm – the constant deliberation between hiring an in-house employee, engaging a contractor, or partnering with an agency. Let’s delve into these approaches and discern why there’s a gap in the market.

Traditional Agencies

Conventional agencies tend to be project-focused and lack the agility needed in today’s fast-paced business landscape. This can lead to:

  • Communication breakdowns
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Fragmentation in marketing domains
  • Escalating costs and budgeting complexities

Freelancers & Contractors

While freelancers exude flexibility, they might not offer the holistic solutions needed to be efficient. Their unpredictability can lead to:

  • Resource-intensive hiring and oversight
  • Lack of comprehensive solutions
  • Varied outcomes and poor reliability
  • Specialization in few services

In-house Marketing Teams

On the surface, in-house teams seem promising. Yet, they come bundled with many challenges impacting your organization and marketing, including:

  • Inefficiencies in productivity and focus
  • Recruitment, training, and turnover hurdles
  • Overhead costs
  • Narrow skill sets prompting outsourcing

Efficient Onboarding, Quality Assurance, and Maximized Returns

Thanks to our unique hourly allocation model, we maximize your investment. Eliminate hiring and training hassles; each hour with us directly fuels your success. Our onboarding is comprehensive with key meetings to grasp your needs. With North American professionals and zero outsourcing, we uphold top quality standards.

Our strategic approach delivers a clear roadmap, continuously refined to align with your business goals for enhanced outcomes. With myMarketing, you benefit from our proactive methods, recurrent check-ins, and weekly sprints, all ensuring transparency and allowing necessary shifts to keep your marketing on point.

What our clients have to say about us

The team at myMarketing has been excellent. Creative, focused, yet still flexible in guiding us through the entire process. I would highly recommend them to anyone and will be working with them in the future. First-class service!

Rob Lane, COO of Aetonix

Aetonix COO.

myMarketing has been of great help to RentABike since 2016 when we designed and built a new website. Their IT knowledge is extensive and of good value. They are creative, prepared, logical, organized, communicative, and energetic. The site has done us extremely well for 4 years and we are now enhancing it together for the coming year. I would highly recommend the myMarketing team.

Harry Musson, CEO of RentABike

RentABike Ottawa CEO.

The team at myMarketing are incredibly knowledgeable, professional, and so kind to deal with. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone more dedicated to their work and customers, I would highly highly recommend!

Jessica Sollows, Independent Consultant

Indepedent consultant.

Your partner in digital marketing success.

Ready to accelerate your online growth? Choose myMarketing’s revolutionary full-service digital marketing subscription. Join us in reshaping the future of digital marketing.