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Content marketing is a strategic digital marketing approach that focuses on creating and distributing consistent, valuable and relevant content aimed at attracting, converting and retaining your target audience. The prime goal of the approach is to use this content to drive organic website traffic and to keep customers interested for as long as possible.

The content created by brands is necessarily transparent, educational and honest with a level of consistency for a perfect buyer profile. Irrespective of the marketing tactics employed by a business, content marketing remains a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy. Blogs, infographics, podcasts, webpages, e-books and online videos are a few examples of content marketing.

Importance of Content Marketing for Businesses Today

Content marketing forms an important part of digital marketing not just for its lead generation and trust-building aspects, but also because it has become the new norm for consumers. A prospective customer is unlikely to find interest in your business if you are not creating new content and if your content is sub par. The prime importance of content marketing is that it draws attention towards your business which helps consumers gain interest, become knowledgeable, and shape a perception about your company.

Content marketing has been known to generate almost three times the leads, drive in conversion rates that are six times higher and cost approximately one third of the price as outbound marketing. What does outbound marketing entail, you may ask? It comprises the act of promoting products through advertisements, promotions, public relations and sales.

myMarketing believes content is king. Our proficient group of content writers provide you with material that gains maximum awareness and thereby improves your entire company reputation!

Why Invest in Content Marketing Services at myMarketing?

Content marketing, unlike traditional forms of marketing, is about concentrating on the needs of your target audience. It entails focusing on the demands and wants of your audience and then discovering an effective way to present them with the information they want. Your company must find ways to generate content that is of interest to your prospective client, otherwise they are unlikely to come across your website and even less likely to purchase your products.

The efficiency of content marketing to reach out to new customers is no secret. It helps you establish yourself as a leading voice in the industry, drive major traffic to your site and provides the audience with useful content that answers to their needs. With time, this is likely to generate immense additional revenue and make for a very favorable ROI.

61% of online consumers
decide to make a purchase after reading certain blog recommendations
74% of the global companies
acknowledge the contribution of content marketing to their increase in marketing leads, in both quality and quantity

Quality content is vital to the success of a company. The experienced writers at myMarketing provide you with high quality unique content to help you attract and keep your prospective customer’s interest. We work towards ensuring that our content functions as a liaison between your customers and your products.

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Benefits of Opting for Content Marketing Services at myMarketing

myMarketing aims at offering you the following benefits through its content marketing services:

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Improve your company’s reputation and credibility

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Increase your company’s visibility

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Enhance SEO ranking and website traffic

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Increase customer acquisition, conversion and retention

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Rake in higher sales, revenues and profits

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Build a community surrounding your brand

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Increase your marketing ROI

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Develop long- lasting relationships

myMarketing’s Content Marketing Process

  • Strategic Plan
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Evaluation

Decide which digital marketing tactics we will use for your company.

Implement digital marketing tactics.

Make updates and modifications to implement digital marketing tactics.

Evaluate results of our tactics and make modifications for continuous improvement.

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Take the right step forward see what myMarketing can do for your business. Here’s how it works:

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