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Digital Marketing Services Tailored for Healthcare Businesses

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The Importance Of Digital Marketing Services in the Healthcare Industry

Digital marketing has been evolving at a rapid pace. It has changed every industry, and the healthcare industry is no exception. The main reason for this progress is the growing number of online users who rely on the internet for information and reviews. Today, when most consumers depend on the internet for finding solutions to their problems, no industry can neglect digital marketing as a means of connecting with their target audience.

290 million

About 290 million health related Google searches are made per day


94% of healthcare patients use online reviews to evaluate providers


83% of patients visit a hospital’s website before making an appointment

Most Common Healthcare Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

Around 80% of internet users searched online for information related to medical procedures and health issues over a one-year period. This proves the vast potential of SEO in the healthcare industry.

Top Benefits of SEO in the Healthcare Industry

  • Drive quality traffic to your website
  • Increase brand awareness and boosts conversions
  • Help your business stay ahead of the competition
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Website Design

An important digital marketing element that goes hand in hand with your SEO performance is your website’s design. According to statistics, 60% of online users click through to healthcare-related websites for relevant information. It is therefore essential to optimize your website’s design and user experience to satisfy your prospects to the fullest.

Top Benefits of Website Design in the Healthcare Industry

  • Develop trust and build credibility
  • Enhance user experiences
  • Boost your visibility on search engines

Email Marketing

In the healthcare industry, the average email open rate is 23.46%, with the average click-through rate being about 3.62%. This makes healthcare one of the industries with the highest email marketing performance metrics.

Top Benefits of Email Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

  • Encourage first-time and repeat purchases
  • Deliver personalized and targeted content
  • Provide data insights to optimize performance
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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

It is believed that in 2021, healthcare digital advertising spend will overtake that of TV advertising. Healthcare digital advertising currently accounts for 46% of total healthcare ad spend. This data suggests that investing in PPC ads is highly effective at helping businesses reach prospects and convert them into paying customers.

Top Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising in the Healthcare Industry

  • Boost brand visibility and awareness
  • Provide instant results
  • Increase target audience reach

Social Media Marketing

Social media is much more than a content-sharing platform for users. Rather, it is a network of consumers that are subconsciously gathering information about brands and businesses. Studies show that 41% of consumers have been influenced by social media posts when deciding on a hospital or treatment centre to visit.

Top Benefits of Social Media Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

  • Establish brand authority and loyalty among your audience
  • Build a community surrounding your brand
  • Target specific audiences
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Benefits of Hiring a Healthcare Digital Marketing Agency

Healthcare companies can benefit greatly from working with a healthcare digital marketing agency in the following ways:

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Access a Team of Experts with Healthcare Knowledge

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Reduce Training Associated With Company Alignment

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Benefit From Our Digital Marketing Experience in Healthcare

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Align Your Digital Marketing Efforts With Your Industry

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