Digital Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

Digital Marketing Services Tailored for Hospitality Businesses

The Importance of Digital Marketing Services in the Hospitality Industry

Whether your hospitality business is well-established or just starting out, it is crucial to adopt digital marketing tactics that generate traffic and profit for your business. In this highly competitive industry, utilizing a diverse range of digital marketing mediums to get noticed and expand your market share is essential. If you are not implementing digital marketing tactics today, you are likely missing out on profitable business opportunities.


The Internet drives more than 50% of hotel bookings each year


According to a report by Statistic Brain, 65% of same-day hotel reservations are done using smartphones


The chances of a booking increase 67% when video tours are available on a hospitality company’s website

Most Common Hospitality Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a marketing strategy that your hospitality business must consider to drive organic impressions and clicks. Studies show 81% of travelers use Google while searching for accommodations, with Google Business listings providing over 50% of organic traffic to hotels and other hospitality businesses. SEO is essential if your business hopes to rank ahead of your competitors and increase your brand’s credibility.

Top Benefits of SEO in the Hospitality Industry

  • Rank higher in search engines
  • Increase conversions
  • Build brand credibility

Website Design

A website helps your hospitality business communicate your brand’s image, and gives your audience insight into your offerings. However, according to industry averages, the abandonment rate for online hotel bookings is as high as 84.63%. Your business, therefore, needs to create an engaging and competitive website that loads quickly and contains only the most important information secure bookings from easily distracted customers.

Top Benefits of Web Design in the Hospitality Industry

  • Build a strong brand image
  • Give customers an impression of your business before they purchase
  • Keep customers updated and answer all their questions

Email Marketing

Email marketing can generate up to $38 of revenue per dollar spent. In a highly competitive industry like hospitality, email personalization is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

Around 81% of consumers expect a brand to know when it’s best to reach them. According to Statista, there were around 3.8 billion global email users in 2018. The same report also expects that the number will reach 4.4 billion users by 2023. Email, therefore, constitutes one of the most critical channels for connecting with your target audience to create value and enhance your sales funnel.

Top Benefits of Email Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

  • Cultivate customer relationships
  • Develop a unique brand identity with personalized content
  • Deliver cost-effective and timely messages

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows your business to quickly reach its target audience. It allows you to choose when and where your ads will be displayed based on factors you designate, like location, date, time, and device type. This digital marketing technique, therefore, can create value for your hospitality business in many ways, especially when it comes to targeting niche markets and generating fast results.

Top Benefits of Pay-Per-Click Advertising in the Hospitality Industry

  • Improve brand recognition
  • Connect with your audience
  • Allows you to keep track of your investment and measure results

Social Media Marketing

Around 73% of consumers enjoy seeing posts related to discounts, sales, and offers on social media sites. Further, 60% of online consumers want brands to showcase their services on social platforms, with 59% of them preferring social posts that are educational or informative. Hospitality is a highly competitive industry, so you need to be active on multiple social media networks to give your brand exposure and get access to your audience.

Social media marketing (SMM) helps you connect with and attract more potential customers, thereby driving popularity and brand recognition. SMM is an effective technique to communicate with customers, understand their values, and clear their doubts about your brand.

Top Benefits of Social Media Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Get more inbound traffic
  • Connect with customers and improve brand loyalty

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