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Marketing automation is a form of technology that manages multifunctional campaigns and marketing processes automatically across multiple channels. It allows businesses to automate, streamline and measure marketing workflows and tasks, thereby increasing operational efficiency and consistency. Marketing departments often automate recurring tasks like social media posting, email marketing, live chat and ad campaigns, to refine business processes.

Marketing automation helps businesses target consumers through automated messages sent digitally. These messages are delivered automatically in accordance with a predetermined workflow. These workflows allow to send custom built templates that are adapted to include relevant information based on every individual’s needs.

Importance of Marketing Automation for Businesses

Marketing automation is a software that lets you operationalize communications and automate activities with the aim to manage time-consuming and repetitive tasks. Companies using marketing automation witness increased sales, greater web traffic, improved client loyalty and greater client retention. It goes without saying, that this is the reason why 72% of high geared companies have been utilizing the benefits of marketing automation for more than three years.

Combined with personalized communication, marketing automation provides high quality and relevant content to prospects and consumers. Streamlining this process helps you build a one-to-one personalized connection with an almost endless number of consumers at scale.

Availing marketing automation services from myMarketing will help you automate your tasks with ease and ensure improved consumer experience for your buyers!

Why Invest in Marketing Automation at myMarketing?

Several business marketers consider marketing automation as something that can be held off until they scale up. The common sentiment that works behind this is that you do not need to automate your interactions while serving a small clientele. This belief needs to change. Investing in marketing automation services can work wonders whether you have just a few or thousands of clients.

It helps you replace guesswork with live analytics, reduce wasted time on repetitive tasks, provide client support at any time of day, and most importantly enhance customer experience in its entirety. Above all, these benefits will allow you to increase your revenues and optimize marketing ROI.

10% Revenue Increase
Companies that automate lead management see a 10% or more bump in revenue in 6-9 months time


Marketing Automation Users Experience a 451% Increase in Qualified Leads

myMarketing is well aware that marketing automation is evolving marketing trends that will only gain popularity with time. For this reason we hope to help your business take full advantage of these trends by employing proven marketing automation techniques and strategies that generate results.

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Benefits of Opting for Marketing Automation at myMarketing

myMarketing aims at offering you the following benefits through its marketing automation services:

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Improve your customer experience

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Increase your marketing ROI

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Reduce staff costs

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Increase efficiency and consistency

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Rake in higher sales, revenues and profits

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Generate more qualified leads

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Enhance customer lifetime value

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Use employees more effectively

myMarketing’s Web Design/Development Process

  • Strategic Plan
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Evaluation

Decide which digital marketing tactics we will use for your company.

Implement digital marketing tactics.

Make updates and modifications to implement digital marketing tactics.

Evaluate results of our tactics and make modifications for continuous improvement.

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Take the right step forward see what myMarketing can do for your business. Here’s how it works:

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  • During our call, a myMarketing expert will suggest digital marketing strategies that are specific to your business
  • The marketing suggestions discussed during our call will then be sent to you via email free of charge

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