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Pay-per-click (PPC), as the name suggests, is a form of paid advertising in which advertisers pay every time a viewer clicks on their online ads. PPC ads, which is a type of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), are generally used to have your company placed on the first page of popular search engines. An advertiser can decide for which specific search terms he would like his company to publish a PPC ad. Beforehand, it is important to strategically consider which PPC search term to invest in considering the price, the search volume, the competition, the purchase intent associated to the search and the search relevance to your company. Searches with high search volume and high purchase intent are likely to be very expensive compared to those of lower profile. If used correctly, PPC can generate a huge ROI for your business.

Importance of PPC Marketing for Businesses Today

The most obvious reason that makes PPC marketing important is the instantaneous large-scale exposure they offer. Businesses, small or established alike, can reap several benefits of PPC to lead their business towards success. A successful PPC marketing campaign can help generate faster profits than other online marketing methods which will, in turn, have an immediate impact on the growth of your business.

A significant advantage of PCC that differentiates it from other paid ad channels is its ability to target consumers very effectively. For many paid advertising channels, companies must pay a fixed price for an ad that will be seen an undetermined amount of times by an often unfavorable audience. On the other hand, for PPC marketing, the company will only pay when a searching prospect decides to click their advertisements out of pure interest. If implemented properly, each and every prospect who decides to click on your PPC ad is very likely to have an interest in your company, products or services.

myMarketing offers affordable PPC services that can generate an increase in sales almost instantly!

Why Invest in PPC Marketing at myMarketing?

According to a recent report, 45% of small businesses are investing in PPC advertising. The question that matters is – is it worth it? The answer is yes! PPC advertising is a cost-effective means of driving traffic to your website, irrespective of your budget. It gives you the chance to target new customers and retarget customers who have already visited and purchased products and services from your site. In an industry with fierce competition, a basic online presence is generally not enough for you company to succeed. Investing in PPC marketing is essential to help your business capitalize on the benefits of online marketing.



Businesses make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 they spend on Google Ads

63% of People
said they’d click on a Google ad

PPC marketing services from myMarketing will ensure that your business publishes effective advertisements that are likely to increase your reach, leads, sales and profit.

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Benefits of Opting for PPC Marketing Services at myMarketing

myMarketing aims at offering you the following benefits through its PPC marketing services:

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Drive quality traffic to your website

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Increase target audience reach

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Have full control of your budget

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Boost brand visibility and awareness

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Rake in higher sales, revenues and profits

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Increase your marketing ROI

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Create measurable results

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Get instantaneous results

myMarketing’s Email Marketing Process

  • Strategic Plan
  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Evaluation

Decide which digital marketing tactics we will use for your company.

Implement digital marketing tactics.

Make updates and modifications to implement digital marketing tactics.

Evaluate results of our tactics and make modifications for continuous improvement.

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Take the right step forward see what myMarketing can do for your business. Here’s how it works:

  • We schedule a call to discuss your businesses’ marketing needs
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  • The marketing suggestions discussed during our call will then be sent to you via email free of charge

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