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The Importance of High-Quality Branding Guidelines for Businesses Today

Branding guidelines give your brand identity consistency and personality across marketing channels and touchpoints with customers. For example, when we talk about Apple, the first image that comes to our minds is a half-bitten apple, a brightly lit store, and helpful Apple geniuses ready to answer questions. Apple isn’t known for these characteristics by accident. 

Consistent branding helps your target audience identify and resonate with your brand, making your brand guidelines an immensely powerful marketing tool. Brand guidelines are far more than just designs, colours, and fonts used to give your brand a visual identity – they’re also the values and attitudes your business carries, and the way every customer-facing piece of your business contributes to building deeper relationships with your audience.

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Some of the Branding Guideline Services We Offer

Brand Objectives

Brand objectives define the intentions and expectations of your branding strategy. Objectives provide clear direction to team members and help your business develop actionable plans. Setting brand objectives also ensures brand activities stay consistent with overall business strategy. Due to the importance of objectives, our marketing team will create comprehensive branding objectives that are then divided into smaller lists of goals for your business to achieve before getting started on marketing tactics to reach your audience.

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Brand Mission and Vision

Clearly defining your brand mission and vision helps your business define its purpose and ideal future state. A brand mission statement is action-oriented and gives employees and your customers a clear understanding of what your business is trying to achieve. Similarly, your brand vision statement should clearly define the optimal future your business is trying to create in your marketplace. Our team will help you define what your brand stands for and craft brand and vision statements that convey your brand’s purpose and goals to your audience.

Brand Messaging

Brand messaging plays a vital role in an overall branding strategy. Your brand messaging includes each and every communication your brand delivers to its audience, across every channel and touchpoint. Thus, to make your branding successful, it’s important to develop brand messages strategically and with your objectives in mind. Our team at myMarketing has brand specialists that can help you create brand messages according to your business needs and unique buyer personas. We make sure to deliver relevant and consistent messages that create a positive brand perception and generate positive audience behaviour towards your brand. 

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Brand Imagery

Images in branding are used to connect and engage your audience with your brand. In today’s fast-paced world, images displayed in a variety of channels help consumers learn about your business and its offerings. Images also add value to content and make the message more interesting. Our team will help you find and develop the images that resonate with your audience and bring credibility to your brand. 

Brand Typography

Just like a brand name, logo and tagline, the colours and fonts used in branding play a crucial role in your brand identity guidelines. Known as the non-verbal form of communication, these branding elements send out your brand message to your target audience wherever they see them. For example, typography gives a unique shape to your brand’s message, making it memorable for viewers. These elements also set a tone for your brand and provide consistency across different marketing channels where your brand is sharing content. Our in-house graphic design team will help you find the design elements that embody your style and convey your brand personality without saying a word. 

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