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The importance of a high-quality user experience for businesses today

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User experience (UX) can be defined as an individual’s opinions and responses resulting from the use of a website, app, product or service. Simply put, it is the way consumers feel regarding every interaction they have with what is in front of them the moment they use it.

The aspects of user experience function in unity to provide an overall favorable experience to the consumer. One of the most important requirements of efficient UX is to enhance and facilitate the consumer journey to encourage them to make actions which lead to your company’s target or goals. With poor user experience, people are unlikely to use or want to use your website, app, products or services.

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Intentional and strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400%

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say they wouldn’t return to a website after bad user experience

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By prioritizing your prospects and customers, myMarketing will integrate an effective digital user experience throughout the entirety of your business. This will help your company increase customer satisfaction and financial results. We aim at offering you the following benefits through its user experience services:

  • Increased customer retention and engagement
  • Elevate web traffic
  • Improve website and app performance metrics
  • Avoid project failures and costly redesigns
  • Encourage purchase
  • Increase brand credibility and perception
  • Rake in higher sales, revenues and profits
  • Increase your marketing ROI
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User experience insight

Google has indicated UX as one of the major factors affecting search engine rankings. The objective is to deliver more results that have great user experience which will in turn encourage more consumers to use their search engine. The importance of user experience for your business lies in trying to fulfill the needs of consumers. With efficient UX you can provide greater user experiences that encourage prospects to purchase and helps retain customers. A website or app that is slow, unresponsive or not up to the mark can generate negative sentiment among online users. Hence, the importance of a user-friendly site that is easy to understand and navigate.

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Companies often miss out on the fact that websites and apps need to be backed by a powerful user experience to satisfy clients to the fullest. Companies that refrain from investing in this area run the risk of lagging in the competition against those that put users at the forefront.

Why Invest in User Experience Services?

In the near future, customer experience is likely to overtake product and price as one of the key differentiator factors for consumers. To avoid being negatively impacted by this trend, businesses need to prioritize their customers first and provide ideal consumer experiences.


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