4 Tips To Find Your Target Audience on Social Media

Social media marketing (SMM) is more than just having a business account on a social media platform. Marketing on each social platform is an active process and requires tailoring your efforts to attract and engage a target audience. A successful social media marketing strategy attracts, engages, and ultimately turns your audience into followers and subscribers. Researching how to find your target audience on social media and leveraging the information in your strategy will optimize your investment in SMM.

Finding the Right Target Audience for Your Business

Audience research narrows your focus while expanding your reach, boosting sales, and creating engaging social media campaigns. Your campaigns are most likely to succeed when your content is reaching the people they’re intended and optimized for. Below are some tips for identifying your audience.

Use Previously Accumulated Data

If you already have a social media presence you can strengthen it using business analytics from past posts or ads. Building relationships with existing customers or followers on social media platforms are generally more profitable (and easier) than attracting new customers. You can study their interests and values by analyzing their posts, comments, and blogs to learn about their preferred content types and ensure future content is aligned with those needs and values to generate more engagement on future posts.

Use Your Analytics To Find Audience Demographics

Learn about your social media target audience by looking at the analytics you’ve accumulated on each platform. You can then leverage social media data and Google analytics to learn about the demographics of your audience. Using analytics to track ongoing social media campaigns provides information on your current audience to understand their pain points and problems.

Analyze Your Competitors

Competitor research shows who they are targeting and what voice and persona they develop to communicate with their audience online. To analyze the social media channels of your competitors, review their followers, engagement rate, content, and hashtags. Take notes on what appears to work (and what doesn’t) and adjust your own strategy accordingly.

Survey Customers To Understand Their Preferences

If you don’t have an established customer base, survey your target audience’s insights on their preferred social media channels, content, or websites. This data can help you predict who is likely to engage with your brand so you can tailor your strategy to them. Distribute your survey forms by posting them on your website, emailing them to customers, or posting them on your social media.

Finding the Right Target Audience is the Basis of Boosting Your Customer Base

Finding the right social media target audience leads to successful social media marketing campaigns and faster online growth. To optimize your investment in social media marketing, define, identify, and understand your audience to target them efficiently. Learning about your audience allows you to create content that your target audience will engage with and helps your brand participate in conversations more naturally, while also increasing the likelihood that followers will jump over to your website to further explore your brand.