Search engine results for real estate.

Application of PPC in the Real Estate Industry

Search engine results for real estate.

Technology has massively transformed how the real estate industry functions. While television and radio advertising has been around for decades, using these traditional forms of advertising is no longer the only option. The alternative? Pay-per-click. A cost-effective means to promote real estate services, PPC lets you target consumers accurately, based on their online behaviour and the services they frequently search for. PPC can successfully boost web traffic from your target audience to help generate business growth. Let’s explore how!

Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising is among the most cost-effective forms of advertising used by the real estate industry. PPC ads require payment only if a user clicks on the ad. It is effective and efficient for targeting audiences who are most likely to be interested in the services you offer.

Why Real Estate Businesses Should Implement PPC

The real estate industry has a conversion rate of 4.40% for PPC ads in Google search ads, which is more than the average of all industries together at 2.70%. This makes it one of the highest converting industries in the market for pay-per-click advertising. That said, PPC can help in driving qualified leads to a website and increasing the overall earning of a real estate organization. Listed below are some of the reasons marketers are using PPC.

Specific targeting

While other traditional ads like radio or television ads can appear out of context in many cases, A PPC ad ensures that it is shown only to the users you would like to target. This allows real estate businesses to use their budget more efficiently and focus on users that are most likely to convert.

Greater visibility

While SEO can help a business get free traffic, stiff competition in the real estate industry can make it difficult to generate leads organically. Using PPC search ads, a real estate business can place its ads above other organic search results. This improves brand awareness and website traffic.

Generate qualified leads

PPC ads allow real estate businesses to grab the attention of qualified leads who are actively looking for property listings and information on home buying. Presenting a lead with valuable real estate information will give you the opportunity to create a connection with these prospects.

Enhance return on investment

According to real estate webmasters, the average PPC ad cost in the real estate industry is between $0.50 and $4.00. Although this may seem like a high cost per click, it can allow for a significant return on investment considering the average Google Ads returns $2 for each $1 spent.

Effective starting point

A new business can find it difficult to get relevant leads and get started in a highly competitive market like real estate. SEO can take a long time to make the company appear at the top of search result pages. However, PPC can help a new business surface at the top of organic results for relevant search queries instantaneously.

Improve brand metrics

PPC can help boost brand metrics as it provides the luxury of reaching a wider audience and promoting a business. Appearing in front of the eyes of many customers allows you to boost the awareness of a brand among the users and help enhance the brand value.

Increase conversions

A large number of people search for information on the web before purchasing a home or renting one. A PPC ad will guide a new user to visit a real estate business’s website to learn more and thus boost customer acquisition.

Boost profit

Return on investment for PPC is higher than other traditional ad mediums. As the lead generation cost is comparatively lower, conversions generally result in favourable returns.

Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Your Business

PPC is rather a complex concept that requires a thorough understanding of digital marketing. In most cases, a digital marketer with specialized knowledge in PPC is a great option for helping real estate businesses generate leads. Marketing agencies have a proven track record of taking advantage of PPC to boost a business. Geo-targeting, using relevant keywords, creating effective landing pages, for example, are essential for generating qualified leads. If you do not feel comfortable accomplishing these tasks yourself, it is generally best to seek the help of a professional.

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