26 december

4 Tips To Hit Your Sales Targets This Boxing Day

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Boxing Day is the final significant shopping day each year where stores and businesses come up with exciting deals and discounts for their customers. It is one of the top annual shopping events and drives massive traffic to brick-and-mortar and online stores. Most shoppers wait for this day to make large purchases at whopping discounts. For businesses looking for an opportunity to boost sales, it’s a great time to drive more traffic and convert more leads into buyers.

Effective Tips To Achieve Your Boxing Day Sales Targets

Online shopping continues to grow rapidly following global lockdowns and the limited availability of indoor spaces. Increased levels of competition mean retailers need to develop innovative digital marketing ideas to boost sales online, especially during the holidays. Your business can use the following tactics to stay competitive this Boxing Day.

Use Data From Previous Years To Prepare a Plan

analyzing data

Assessing your past performance plays an important role in preparing a solid digital marketing strategy for Boxing Day. Your business can use the data from previous Boxing Day sales to create a plan that helps you achieve your upcoming sales targets. While reviewing your data, ask yourself a few questions: what worked? What didn’t work, and why? Keep pushing for answers and look for patterns in the data you’ve collected.

Another idea is to analyze each previous year’s customer purchasing behaviours while preparing your digital marketing strategy for the current year. Empirical data mitigates the need to guess, allowing you to make more informed decisions when optimizing your plans.

Target Easy-To-Convert Customers

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Targeting the right customers with your digital marketing campaigns is half the battle when it comes to achieving your sales targets. Rather than creating campaigns for customers with uncertain intentions, it’s better to focus on leads that are already in the advanced stages of your sales funnel. To do this your business can use the data that you collected throughout the year to determine which users convert the most, and if possible, what makes them convert. You can also go through your visitors’ past purchase reports to identify ready-to-buy users. While setting targeting criteria, do not forget to nurture your current customers for better sales, traffic, and referrals.

Unleash the Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful digital marketing tool that can effectively help you hit your sales targets. Email marketing allows you to reach out to your customers directly with personalized content during Boxing Day sales. Email is the perfect medium to pitch your sales and deals to those already interested in your products or services.

Email marketing is the most successful when you customize the content of each email according to your subscribers’ needs and interests. Though emails enable you to connect with your customers at any time, you must send them emails at their preferred time for better open and click-through rates. Sending personalized emails to the right set of audiences at the right time improves your chances of boosting your sales.

Start Using PPC Ads

Your Boxing Day campaigns can be elevated to the top of search engine results with pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Unlike other digital marketing tools, PPC ads can directly and immediately contribute to sales and revenue.

No matter where your PPC ads are posted, their purpose is to generate brand awareness, website traffic, leads, conversions, and sales. In fact, PPC ads are considered by many digital marketing experts to be a reliable source of revenue that achieves quick results. PPC advertising also gives you greater control over your advertising budget by allowing you to only pay for clicks. The control over budget further extends to audience targeting. PPC ads can be designed to target incredibly specific audiences and can therefore bring your business greater conversions and revenue.

Use These Tactics To Hit Your Sales Targets This Boxing Day

When implemented correctly and with careful planning, the digital marketing tactics discussed above can improve engagement rates, boost sales, and generate conversions. Your business can take the ideas listed above and use them to build its own unique strategy to hit every sales target you set this Boxing Day.