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5 Types of Business Infographics That Promote Content

 A strong content marketing strategy includes the use of infographics that are branded with design elements supporting your company’s assets and image. Infographics are shared three times as much as other types of content on all social media platforms, making them a high-leverage content medium to gain brand exposure online.

Whether you’re a manager trying to communicate efficiently with your team or an established marketer trying to enhance the engagement of your content, infographics can be an amazing visual tool. There are five kinds of business infographics that you can use to promote your content, which we discuss in more detail below.

Business Infographic Types and How They’ll Help Your Business

Statistical Infographic

Suppose you are looking to convey a message by visualizing survey data, backing a strong argument with specific data, or presenting data collected from multiple resources. In that case, a statistical infographic is the best way to do it. A statistical infographic focuses heavily on data. Visuals and layout alongside that can effectively help you narrate the story you want to tell. The infographic design includes images, fonts, icons, and charts. The template of a statistical infographic uses a combination of colourful icons and bold fonts to capture the reader’s attention.


Micrographics are smaller forms of infographics that are typically used to break up lengthy text and are perfect when making an infographic precise and to the point. Most of the designs used in micrographics are fairly simple and add to the visual dimension of all the pages in the infographic design.

Comparison Infographic

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If you are looking to compare two sets of statistics, we suggest an infographic comparison. It allows you to display various factors like the pros and cons of a certain product using graphics, images, and icons for visual effect. This allows viewers to move quickly through all the vital points and make an easy comparison and judgment in a short amount of time.

Story Infographic

You can tell your story visually to consumers using visual infographics. This is a great way to repurpose old content into a more versatile digital marketing format. Many entrepreneurs have a message they intend to convey but cannot translate it visually. However, linking elements together using a narrative makes points easier to follow, more engaging, and increases the likelihood that your audience will consume your content.

Process Infographic

Infographics are impactful when used to visually display a process or set of steps. A sequence, workflow, or step can display A – B information. With the help of an attractive design, consumers can have an easier time understanding processes, how-to descriptions, and other technical materials like product manuals.


Digital marketing places a high value on visual content that supports brand differentiation and immediately affects audiences. Graphics universally appeal to B2C and B2B audiences, connecting you with potential clients by advertising your product with factual statements and statistics. No matter how infographics are used, they are great for brand awareness both digitally and in print.