7 Google Analytics Reports Your Business Needs To Run

Google Analytics is an essential tool for your business. Google Analytics enables you to make smarter, more informed decisions by providing a detailed analysis of your campaign results. The right reports can help boost campaign performance and ensure you get the best ROI.

Google Analytics is used by 28.1 million websites worldwide, making it the most popular web analytics service, and the vast majority of those users (74%) are small businesses with 1-10 employees. Google Analytics is useful for large companies, but is also an easily accessible tool for small and medium-sized businesses, providing them with the data they need to improve campaign effectiveness and engage visitors.

The Essential Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics offers a variety of useful reports that can help your business run more efficiently. Every business and marketing professional should generate 7 essential reports in order to maximize their marketing and customer engagement strategies. These reports provide information about how your visitors access your site, whether your mobile site is user-friendly, and which pages receive the most clicks. With this information, you can tweak your approach to reach a larger audience.

Mobile Overview Report

The Mobile Overview Report indicates how well your site performs on mobile devices. While laptops and desktop computers are still widely used, mobile access accounts for roughly half of all web usage. The Mobile Overview Report informs businesses whether their site is mobile-friendly, slow to load, or difficult to view. This is critical information because Google penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly.

Channels Report

The Channels Report shows you where your visitors are coming from, whether it’s organic search, referral, direct access, paid search, social networks, display, or affiliate links. It also demonstrates your engagement and conversion rates for each channel. Understanding this data will point you to your most successful channels, assist you in focusing your attention where it is most useful, and provide you with the opportunity to improve underperforming channels.

Navigation Summary

The Navigation Summary Report details the route users took to reach specific pages on your website. It allows you to specify a URL and then displays where on your site they accessed it from, whether they navigate between pages, and where they went after leaving your site. This data can tell you where to place shortcuts, what questions visitors may have been looking for answers to, and how you can keep visitors on your site rather than navigating away.

Landing Pages

The Landing Pages Report shows you which pages are most frequently visited and whether visitors stay on those pages or navigate away quickly. This can indicate whether you need to make the page more engaging in order to increase visitor interaction. The Landing Pages Report also shows how many goal conversions were achieved for each landing page and how long visitors stayed on your site. This data can assist you in fine-tuning your landing pages for maximum visitor retention.

Goal Overview

One of the most useful Google Analytics reports is the Goal Overview Report. It enables you to set specific actions as goals and then track how frequently those actions are carried out. For example, you can track form submissions, downloads, and subscriptions to gain concrete data about your site’s success. You can easily see which pages on your site generate the most conversions using this data, and you can optimize navigation to those pages.

Customer Behavior

The Customer Behaviour Report displays the number of sessions, new user percentage, and bounce rate. This allows you to distinguish between new and returning users and see how they interact with the site. It also allows you to track behavioral changes as well as conversion patterns.

Content Efficiency

The Content Efficiency Report is essential in determining how well your content is performing. Google Analytics tells you if your content is successfully engaging visitors on your site by providing data on page views, bounce rate, sessions and users by landing page, and conversion rate by landing page. You can then tailor your future content creation to better reach your target audience and optimize SEO.

Achieve Better Results With Google Analytics 

Google Analytics provides invaluable information for your business operations. With detailed data on your site’s performance, you can concentrate your efforts on the areas that require improvement, optimize traffic to the most successful pages, and plan future content that will appeal to your visitors.

Google Analytics reports give you the information you need to make better business decisions and find creative solutions to specific problems. Running these critical reports will improve performance, increase revenue, and provide an even greater ROI. Use these 7 Google Analytics reports for your next campaign and see the difference it makes!