Video marketing website displayed on laptop screen.

The Basics Of Video Marketing And The Benefits That Come With It

Video marketing website displayed on laptop screen.

There’s no doubt that videos have become a more widespread medium of communication than ever before. From video stories on social media platforms to promotional videos on billboards, nowadays, video truly plays a crucial role in digital marketing.

With over 85% of US internet users watching videos online, many digital marketers these days consider it as the most dominant medium to communicate with consumers.

The question now becomes, can video marketing have a favourable impact on your business? This blog will help you find an answer to this question.

  • An Introduction to Video Marketing
  • The Basics of Video Marketing
  • Types of Videos Used in Marketing
  • Benefits of Implementing Video Marketing

Video Marketing

In today’s digital era, where videos are consumed more than the text format of content, video marketing plays a very important role in engaging with your target audience. It is a specialized type of marketing where videos are used to promote a brand and send a strong brand message to the target audience. From attracting prospects to informing current customers, digital marketers use video marketing as a practice to run a successful marketing campaign.

The Basics of Video Marketing

For amateurs, video marketing might sound like a complex method of communication, but in reality, it can be pretty simple. You must consider that video marketing, like any other marketing effort, is data-driven and requires various tactics to generate the best results. To develop a killer video marketing, a business should focus on the following elements:

  • Decide on the optimal video type based on your goal and resources
  • Consider the most suitable video specifics (length, design, soundtrack, etc)
  • Allocate the resources effectively (budget, equipment, talent, etc.)
  • Write an engaging script
  • Create a video that resonates with your audience
  • Publish the video on the right channels
  • Track the video performance

Types of Videos Used in Marketing

If a company is looking for exposure, then video marketing is an ideal medium to attain their goal. Videos can make a digital marketing strategy more effective and powerful. However, to make the strategy fruitful, businesses must define each of their video marketing goals and create their video accordingly. This will ensure that the video type chosen will best fit the purpose of the campaign.

Here are a few of the common video types used by digital marketers.


When an organization’s goal is to inform, educate or explain something to people, they should prioritize explainer videos. Explainer videos, as the name suggests, help businesses explain a message to their audience in a captivating way.

Interviews and Testimonials

An effective way to draw the audience’s attention is to have a third party talk about your company. This can be done through a partnership with an influencer that speaks favourably about your company on your behalf or by a past customer who expresses his positive customer experience with your company.

Product Reviews and Demos

Prospective customers often search for reviews and demos of a specific product or service when making a purchase decision. Videos featuring product reviews or demos can be an excellent way to build trust among the target audience.

Live Video

Many companies use live videos to help build a stronger relationship with their target audience. Live videos can be published through different social media platforms to let businesses interact with their audience on pressing topics that are likely to be of interest to them.

Keep in mind that these video types only scratch the surface of all video marketing possibilities. Here are a few of the many others:

  • Vlogs
  • Webinars
  • Event videos
  • Brand videos
  • Company culture videos
  • Advertising videos
  • Launch videos
  • Customer success stories

Benefits of Implementing Video Marketing

From the many businesses that have decided to invest in video marketing, the following are a few of the benefits that can come from it.

Increases Engagement

Today, when browsing on the internet, videos tend to grab the attention of customers more so than images or written text. Businesses sharing such videos on different online platforms can increase engagement with their prospective customers and can help create long-term relationships with current customers.

Boosts Conversion & Sales

Video marketing can have a substantial impact on the conversion and sales of any business. The strong engagement that comes with video marketing can directly result in a conversion. The more the audience engages with your business’s video, the more likely they are to purchase your products or services over time.

Encourages Favourable ROI

Video production tools and software are constantly improving and are now getting more affordable than ever. In addition, the results that can come from a marketing video are also increasing with time. Thanks to these trends, it is safe to say that video marketing can lead to phenomenal returns on investment.

Gives A Competitive Edge

At a time when many companies are seeking innovative ways to overcome their competition, a video can differentiate your business from the many others. They can be the first point of contact between your target audience and the product or service they are searching for, or equal so, they can be the determining factor of a sale.

Needless to say, incorporating an effective video in your digital marketing can generate great results for your business. Whether your company is thinking of creating a 1-minute animated explainer video or a 30-minute live video, starting your video marketing strategy sooner rather than later is the first step towards greater business results.

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