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Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin – WP Bakery

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WordPress plugins are a certain type of PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) script designed to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website. Not only do they add on to the pre-existing features of WordPress, but they also incorporate completely new features within the website. These plugins are often developed by volunteers and are often made free for public use. WordPress plugins can be accessed in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

What is a Page Builder?

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Before we discuss our favourite page builder plugin, it is important to understand what a page builder is. A page builder is accredited to be a WordPress plugin that helps you edit and build grid-based pages with minimal time and effort.

The plugin interface was made as intuitive as possible for cutting down on the time it takes to build a website. Page builders make use of components to develop receptive page layouts within a specified grid view. You can use components that are already present on your pages, or choose to add or delete new components to build pages from scratch.

In summary, a page builder can be considered a perfect tool when it comes to designing websites comprising quality design, and most importantly, without knowing code.

WPBakery – The Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Our personal favorite when it comes to page builder plugins is the WPBakery Page Builder. One of the best attributes of this page builder is that it is versatile and fits all WordPress themes. This lucid drag and drop plugin helps you create any kind of website design quickly and with ease, with absolutely no coding skills necessary. Moreover, you get to access your backend or frontend editor at any time.

WPBakery comes accessorized with two kinds of editors that allow you to choose a view that suits your preference. You can now develop a WordPress website using the schematic backend editor or continue your page-building procedure through the frontend and derive live results.

Additionally, WPBakery Page Builder offers complete control over website responsiveness. WPBakery Page Builder allows you to make your WordPress website look perfect on every device by automatically creating a responsive website for you, and allows you to adjust layout preferences for specific devices like cell phones or tablets.

Top Features of WPBakery Page Builder

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To give you an overview, some of the best features we like in the WPBakery Page Builder as an agency are as follows:

Front and Back End Page Builder

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Create a responsive website and take care of your content with ease using an intuitive WordPress editor. You do not require any special programming knowledge, in this case, to create some of the most beautiful and stunning pages while using this simplified drag and drop page builder.


Every website design that you put out for your client needs to be unique, and that is exactly what WPBakery Page Builder helps you achieve. You can work and play around with several WordPress themes and select one that best fits your requirements.

Ready-to-Use Add-ons and Elements

WPBakery Page Builder is here to help you from scratch, with its wonderful range of ready-to-use add-ons and content elements. It takes only a matter of minutes to develop WordPress layouts and pages using the drag and drop interface. The best part? You can do it all without knowing a single line of coding.

Premium Class Templates

The page builder allows you to access premium templates through the template library that is available online and develop your pages within seconds. Choose and download any of the templates that you like without any limitations. The template library is updated constantly with fresher and new templates at certain intervals.

Advanced Grid Builder

The WPBakery Page Builder is gifted with a progressive grid builder. You get to display your portfolio as well as other kinds of customized posts or media in masonry or a simple grid.

Responsive, Mobile-Ready Design

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When it comes to making your website responsive, WPBakery Page Builder is one of the best choices. The content on your site can be made accessible on mobile devices as well as desktop. You do not require any extra programming or steps in this case.

Choosing the Right WordPress Plugin for Your Business

A page builder comes in handy when you are trying to present your client with an impressive yet responsive website. We believe that WPBakery is a multi-faceted page builder plugin that allows you to save both money and time throughout the website-building process. Our agency has implemented the plugin in several of our own projects and, irrespective of the kind of website we work on, WPBakery has worked wonders!

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