Boxing Day package.

Important Digital Marketing Tactics to Promote Boxing Day Sales

Boxing Day package.

Following Christmas, Boxing Day is considered to be the final major shopping hurrah for the year. It is one of the top annual events that drives massive traffic to stores (both physical and online). The day comes with compelling offers and the biggest discounts, with most shoppers waiting for this season wholeheartedly.

As competition is high during this season and most rival brands are working constantly to sell their remaining stock, it can become truly challenging to promote your brand and stand out. To make your boxing Day sales a success, it is important that you start planning early and develop your digital marketing plan a few weeks before Christmas. Also, to boost your revenue and gather more traffic, two things that all stores and businesses must consider are the proper selection of their digital marketing channels and techniques for promotion.

Here are some of the techniques and channels you can consider in your Boxing Day digital marketing strategy to inform your customers about your company’s offers effectively.

Launch Shopping Ads

If you are selling physical products, launching a shopping campaign is very important to the success of your Boxing Day digital marketing strategy. From a user experience standpoint, shopping ad campaigns are great as they help customers get an idea about the products and their prices or discounts. Thus, if you want to promote your brand and its offers during this festive season, invest in shopping ads that feature both your product image and cost. As these ads are visible in the search engine result pages, they easily attract traffic to your website. Ideally, you must try to run these ads at least a few weeks prior to Boxing Day.

Create Engaging Ad Copy

Running an ad campaign is not enough to attract traffic, especially during the holiday season when the competition is high. Thus, to reach your audience effectively and influence them to shop with you during Boxing Day, you must focus on the content of your advertisement. The ad copy must promote the specific products and deals you are offering for Boxing Day and include all sales and discount information.

Design a Boxing Day Landing Page

Now that you have crafted an engaging and effective ad copy, it’s time to design the landing page to match. The landing page plays an important role in boosting Boxing Day sales as it is the first page users will see after clicking your display ads. Thus, you must create a sense of urgency on your landing page to convince visitors to purchase your product or service. There are many ways to make your landing page appealing. You can include banners promoting rewards and offers or include countdown timers to prompt visitors to act on the time-sensitive offer.

Set Up Remarketing Campaigns

To boost your sales during this holiday season, try to recapture the people who have already shown their interest in your products previously. Here, you can also retarget your existing customer base as well, as most of the revenue often comes from their end. These people are familiar with your brand and are thus easier to approach and convert. However, to influence them again, you have to make them feel recognized. Emails are very effective channels in this regard. You can make use of email marketing to let your potential or existing customers know about your Boxing Day offers. Emails also play a great role in strengthening the bond with customers. You can send follow-up emails to your customers who have left items in their cart without completing the purchase. Look for customers who purchased your products last year as they might be interested in knowing about this year’s offers.

Promote on Social Media

If you haven’t promoted your Boxing day offers across your social media pages yet, now is the best time to start. Social media platforms provide you with the perfect opportunity to connect with your potential customers and improve your Boxing Day sales figure. Today, when social media has taken over word-of-mouth marketing, promoting your brand and its offers over social platforms can earn you traffic, sales and recognition. These platforms allow you to promote your brand on the basis of the audience’s interests, shopping preferences, behaviours and other such factors.

Know the Right Time to Run Campaigns

Before you run or schedule the campaign to promote your Holiday offers, be aware of the right time for best results from your target audience. You can make use of Google Analytics, social media insights and other tracking tools to learn when your audiences are most active on the online platforms. You can also talk to a digital marketing expert to know how many days ahead you need to start running your campaigns. This will help you to run campaigns that are audience-specific and targeted.

The Takeaway

Apart from giving your customers rewards and discounts, it is important that you know the right technique to connect with them and pass on your message. Make use of all the opportunities you have to reach your potential and existing customers at the right place and time. There are many other innovative techniques you can incorporate into your Boxing Day digital marketing strategy to make it profitable and successful. To know more about these strategies, it’s a good idea to seek the help of experts who can guide you as per market trends and your business needs.

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