Boxing Day packaging.

Successful Holiday Digital Marketing Campaigns from the World’s Best Brands

Boxing Day packaging.

The boxing day countdown has already begun. Today, holiday shoppers highly anticipate waking up early in the morning, grabbing a cup of coffee, and starting their shopping. To make the most of it, from a business perspective, brands are already breaking out the festive sales, hoping to be the first choice on their customers’ shopping lists.

At this time of year, when it is common to plan campaigns months beforehand, reluctant behaviour can hamper the potential of increased sales. To generate more traffic and revenue this season, marketers need to prepare a boxing day marketing strategy that is timely, relevant, direct and provoking. To stay ahead of the game, consider providing something unique that is of value to your potential and existing customers and triggers their excitement in relation to the holiday season.

Here are a few examples of successful holiday digital marketing campaigns by top brands to scale up their revenue during the holidays:


The largest retailer brand, Walmart, had launched its website in 2007 to enable customers to purchase their items from the comfort of their homes. With time, they also embraced different digital marketing techniques to maintain their reputation in the online market. Last year, Walmart celebrated “Cyber Week” to boost their sales and revenue. Apart from their website, the retail brand promoted its holiday sales through their social media pages. Unlike regular retailers, Walmart extended its holiday sale to a week to enjoy more traffic. The brand had put a banner on its homepage with the caption “The Deals Keep on Coming” to encourage customers to continue buying from the brand.


Coca-Cola is one of the largest producers of soft drinks, known for drawing customers with its emotional campaigns. Since the 19th century, the soft drink brand has consistently produced innovative campaigns to keep up the festive mood. With the advancement of technology and the introduction of digital media, the brand has also updated its marketing techniques to connect more effectively with customers. For the past few years, Coca-Cola has shown its festive spirit on different digital platforms like websites and social media channels. During the last holiday season, they introduced the hashtag #ShareACoke with the noble message of playing like a team during Thanksgiving and other holidays. During the Christmas season, Coca-Cola designed a Christmas-themed website background and shared many real life Christmas stories to better connect with people. The theme of “togetherness” during the holidays helped people resonate with their brand.


Amazon is one of the largest digital marketplaces that engages new customers all year round. However, they never lag behind during the festive season. Just like every year, in 2019 this online shopping brand promoted their ‘Cyber Monday sales’ on their shopping platforms (website and mobile apps) and social media channels to boost their traffic and revenue. Amazon is very consistent in its approach and thus, continues to share creative visuals and content through different digital marketing channels. On both Cyber Monday and Christmas, Amazon highlighted its festive-themed banners on their homepage to gain more traction. To trigger the interest of their audience, they used platforms like Facebook and Instagram with Christmas-themed creatives.


Starbucks is a company that continues to win with their audience every holiday season. This brand has used social media consistently to increase the hype around their limited-time holiday beverages to the point where it is something people around the world countdown to every year. Other tactics such as offering discounts when you collect their reusable holiday cup encourages their audience to keep coming back throughout the season. Starbucks has also offered holiday-themed contests in the past asking their customers to create a design for the famous “red cup”. This was a smart tactic as it not only encouraged the public to purchase the drink for the cup to draw on, but also had them post it all over social media for publicity.


Apple has always been creative in its approach. The world’s largest smartphone manufacturer has also been seen to promote the holiday season through its marketing campaigns. Though the brand did not mention anything about a sale on its website or any other marketing platform, Apple came up with a video stating “Move Someone this Holiday”. Through this campaign, the brand tempted the audience to simply purchase an iPhone for a loved one during the holiday season. As the brand always focuses on the premium market, they run campaigns that are simple yet powerful.

The Overall Message

To connect with your customers and generate more revenue, you need to be creative in your approach. The above-mentioned campaigns performed well because of proper planning and execution. Your business has to produce high-quality, relevant content that connects with the emotions of your target audience. For this reason, teaming up with experienced and skilled digital marketing experts can help as they can put together creative ideas for a winning holiday marketing strategy.

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