Branding Infographic

Branding is a vital part of your business and its identity and contributes to separating your brand from its competitors. Developing a recognizable brand and investing in promoting it can uplift your business in ways that standalone digital marketing tactics cannot. Effective branding strengthens all of your other digital marketing activities, and helps your business build relationships with your target audience, retain customers, and generate more customer loyalty.

The Main Elements of Branding

  1. Brand Name

    A brand name is the unique name of your business. An effective brand name helps people recall and identify your brand. 77% of consumers purchase products and services based solely on the brand name. In fact, 76% of female and 80% of male consumers prefer to purchase products from a brand name they recognize. Establishing a strong brand name is the very first step to developing a brand for your services and products.

  2. Logo

    A logo can be defined as the virtual representation of a brand. Your logo should be recognizable and memorable to average consumers. A great logo should be unique and aesthetically pleasing. About 85% of leading brand designs use a two-colour format or monotone for their logos. A simple, identifiable colour scheme helps your target audience associate your logo with your brand and remember it after being exposed to it. On average, consumers require about 5 to 7 impressions before they can be expected to reliably recognize your brand’s logo.

  3. Colour

    Colours have a psychological effect that impacts the way in which consumers perceive your brand. Having a unique brand colour scheme can improve customer’s ability to recognize it by up to 80%. Having a unique brand colour scheme enables your brand to develop an identity in the minds of consumers. Nearly 85% of buyers have claimed colour to be a vital factor while making a purchase. Quite instinctively, over 93% of buyers focus on the colour of the product they buy. The topmost colours used by brands to design their logos are red (30%), black or grayscale, white (23%) and blue (35%).

  4. Slogans

    A slogan is a catchy and memorable line used by businesses to grasp the attention of readers or viewers. Slogans are meant to encapsulate your brand and effectively communicate it to your audience in a bite sized offering. The average length for a slogan is about 7 words long, although, the average slogan length of companies in the S&P 500 is about 4 words long.

  5. Visual Content

    Images, pictures, and graphics have a vital role to play when it comes to establishing a brand and connecting with your target audience. About 91% of people say they prefer visual content over written content. Despite that, only about 61% of digital marketers state that visuals are considered to be an essential part of an effective digital marketing campaign. Visuals offer a great opportunity to reinforce your brand image and messaging and share more of your brand’s personality with your audience.

  6. Written Content

    74.5% of digital marketers use branded content as part of their digital marketing mix. Every brand has its own unique personality and should work to communicate it with high-quality written content. Creating consistent, high-quality content is a great way to provide free, valuable content for your audience to consume, and can result in more customer loyalty, improved sales, and can help your brand develop its reputation online.
    If you are looking to generate a strong connection with your consumers and leave an impressive mark on their minds, good branding is the best way to go about it. Effective branding will help your business increase its brand awareness, reach, and authority, and ultimately help your business grow.

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