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Using Digital Marketing to Market Your Black Friday Deals

Man with megaphone.

It’s time for the busiest shopping day of the year again with Black Friday 2020 right around the corner. Thousands of brands and companies come together to not just make this event a success, but to earn maximum revenue within a certain span of time. As per Shopify reports, their merchants reported a revenue of over $1.5 billion at the end of the shopping weekend in 2019. And it keeps getting better every year! Having said that, the most vital thing is to make your customers aware of your Black Friday deals. Employing tools like social media, emails, and ads make it a lot easier for e-commerce companies to drive web traffic and reach out to consumers. Nevertheless, using digital marketing can significantly help improve your in-store display to a great extent.

If you want to reach the maximum amount of consumers with your offers, here are three tactics you should consider:

Email Marketing

There is no denying that email marketing is extremely effective when it comes to driving impressive sales. However, for your Black Friday email marketing to be a success, you need to enhance email leads who are interested in your offers. These could be people who have subscribed to your newsletter for updates or bought from you in the past. You can make use of their purchase history to create this segmentation and then customize your emails according to their purchase behaviour. Now, as the event approaches, consider thanking all your subscribers with an exciting new discount or even an access code for early entry!

Social Media Marketing

To make the most of your marketing tactics, it is vital that you reach shoppers wherever they exist, which is often on social media. You can start working on promoting your deals and connecting with consumers through the use of organic social media content. Businesses may opt to retarget their subscribers via Facebook ads as it is more likely that you will capture your shopper’s attention if they come across your message more than just once. Use social media to remind your customers about upcoming events and also spread the word across all corporate platforms to help them remember. This will help create awareness among your audience and encourage shoppers to promote the event on their own social networks. In addition, make sure that your social media buttons are included in any email footers to make it easy for the audience to follow your profile for updates.

Website Updates

To ensure that you’re reaching customers with the most relevant products and information, it is essential to update your website during this time. This includes posting blogs with content that entices the customer, promoting different products across your homepage, and offering unique deals. Your website is ultimately the place where customers will make the final decision to purchase, so advertising products and deals that they won’t find elsewhere can push them towards the checkout.

The Importance of Using a Marketing Strategy

In anticipation of another year of crazy Black Friday deals, any business must know that the key is to attract customers and remain competitive. There are many ways a business can prepare in advance in order to execute an effective marketing strategy and stand out. Using tools effectively such as email marketing, social media marketing, and quality website content will help set your business apart from others. Above all else, you must make sure that you put in the marketing effort to make your voice heard all through the Black Friday event!

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