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Digital Marketing Tactics To Promote Your Boxing Day Sales

boxing day shopping

The holiday season offers fantastic opportunities to attract and engage customers, especially during Boxing Day. The culmination of holiday spending from Christmas and Black Friday, Boxing Day is one last nationally recognized opportunity to treat customers to significant discounts before the New Year.
Boxing Day is known for packed stores, with customers ready to spend their money. In fact, it should be noted that Boxing Day garners more traffic than Cyber Monday, with Amazon reporting a 30% increase in online sales. For retailers, it’s the perfect opportunity to capitalize on a final year-end sale.

Effective Boxing Day Digital Marketing Tactics To Grow Your Business

Use Google Shopping Ads

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Google Shopping Ads consist of extensive product information like product price, merchant name, and product image. They are made using specific data attributes from the submitted product information in the Merchant Center data feed and are displayed to people who are looking for products that match what your business is advertising.

Advertisers can set pricing and budget and can customize their ad content to make the most of their Boxing Day Sales. Google Shopping Ads are especially effective due to their ability to display high-resolution images of product listings along with the product’s price

Create a Separate Boxing Day Sale Landing Page

Creating a Boxing Day Deals landing page and focusing your copy on what you have to offer is a great idea to boost Boxing Day sales. Try packaging up all your offers and discounts on your landing page along with calls-to-action to buy now. It is a very clever tactic that also helps keep messaging direct and simple while helping customers find everything they’re looking for in one place.

Implement Countdown Timers

You can use countdown timers to create FOMO (fear of missing out) to boost Boxing Day sales. Customers feel psychologically threatened by missing out on good deals, which increases their transaction rates. Creating a sense of urgency about your sales on social media will attract consumers to your website, and reinforcing the time-sensitive nature of your offers on your website can encourage consumers to act immediately rather than wait.

Design Attractive Pieces of Content for Social Media Channels

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Optimized social media posts are crucial to the success of your marketing efforts during Boxing Day. Other brands are also active on social media, where attention is at a premium, and frequent, quality content is important to stand out.

Your business can stand out by identifying what your target audience is attracted to on each social platform, determining when they’re active online, and delivering content to them during those times that adds value to their lives. Your Boxing Day social media content should promote your best-selling products, your best Boxing Day offers, and the savings customers can expect when they buy from your business.

Upsell During Checkout

Upselling is a marketing and sales technique that can convince consumers to upgrade or purchase additional items at checkout. For instance, if the data on your website shows that a buyer is about to check out with a lower-priced phone, offer them an upgrade to something premium or mid-range without adding significant costs. When upselling, it’s important to promote and advertise more profitable services, such as package deals or product bundles.
Alternatively, you can offer extra discounts on purchases of larger quantities of goods, or offer a higher-priced product based on a user’s browsing history at your store. If you are looking to sell more, consider adding related products to the ones the customer is checking out. Always keep in mind that products need to be highly specific to each user to avoid appearing pushy.


Boxing Day remains a key shopping day for consumers, which makes it a great opportunity for your business to reach more customers and generate more sales. Your business can implement the digital marketing tactics discussed above this Boxing Day to make this holiday season your most profitable yet.