Facebook Ads

Facebook has become and continues to be the most attractive platform for marketers who want to capitalize on its user base of almost 3 billion on a monthly basis. Facebook, with its high-targeted ads and cost-effectiveness, offers a high ROI for marketers who are aware of ways to use it to their advantage.

  1. Image Ads

    Image ads appear on the Facebook News Feed and are an amazing way of displaying services and products. Every average Facebook user approximately clicks on 12 ads every month. 26% of these users have been known to make a purchase after clicking on the ad. Enhance brand recognition and awareness with your target audience through catchy copies and engaging images. For posts, try keeping your text short as Facebook rejects image ads comprising over 20% text. For images, use sparingly and as per Facebook’s recommended size of 1,200 x 628 pixels.

  2. Video Ads

    Users on Facebook view over 100 million hours of videos each day. Video Ads on Facebook are optimized to display unique service or product features and effectively communicate your brand’s story.. 71% of online shoppers find video ads shown to them on Facebook as relevant. Amongst the various kinds, vertical videos have been known to generate the maximum engagement rate. Keeping your videos short offers higher chances of captivating users and delivering messages that encourage action. Furthermore, according to tests, it was seen that incorporating captions to video ads enhanced view time by approximately 12%.

  3. Carousel Ads

    Carousel ads provide your brand with the much-needed space to display multiple videos and images simultaneously. You can display somewhere between 2–10 images in a single ad. Leverage the extra space to showcase multiple services and products, tell a thorough story of your brand and products, and share additional details. Carousel ads are 10 times as good as regular ads and have 72% more CTR than single image advertisements. They drive about 20%–30% lesser cost-per-click and 30%–50% lesser cost-per-conversion than domain ads.
    Facebook is a wonderful platform for marketers trying to target particular demographics with video and image ads. It is ideal for businesses looking forward to raising brand awareness, enhancing their brand recognition and connecting with the target audience based on their values and interests.

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