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Facebook Advertising Types for Small Businesses

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Facebook Ads offer higher conversions, clicks, and impressions. Facebook Ads are as much as 7 times cheaper than Twitter Ads, which is the second most affordable channel for ads on social media. In fact, you can spend only $5 each day on Facebook advertising and still witness substantial results.

To make the process easier for you, here are the top types of Facebook ads that you can use to grow your business.

The 5 Facebook Ad Types for Your Small Business

Use Canvas Ads for Brand Awareness

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Have you ever seen a Canvas Ad in action? Canvas Ads are a mix of still images, calls-to-action, videos, and other forms of interactive media, and can engage audiences and hold their attention.  

53% of viewers who open a Canvas Ad view at least half of it, with the average ad view time being 31 seconds. Canvas Ads’ ability to combine different forms of media helps you spread brand awareness to a massive extent using engaging content.

Use Carousel Ads To Display Products

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Carousel Ads are just the thing you need to display all your products in a swipe-enabled single ad. They help you display a total of 10 videos or images with calls-to-action in each one, and are a great way to highlight different product lines. They are equally effective when viewed on mobile and desktop.

Use Video Ads To Increase Engagement

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Shoppers who watch videos are about 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase compared to non-viewers. The process for creating video ads is easy and as straightforward as creating other types of ads. By utilizing video content, ads become more dynamic and memorable for the audience, leaving a more lasting impression.

Use Lead Ads To Capture Leads

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Lead Ads are a solution created solely for mobile landing pages. They were initially created to allow advertisers to collect prospect information directly on Facebook, without needing to redirect them to an external landing page. 

Lead forms are indeed a great option when it comes to accruing job titles and names, addresses, demographics, phone numbers, and any other kind of information that might be used to market or remarket your products. Also, since a lead form opens directly in the Facebook app, prospects no longer need to visit your official website to fill in this information.

Use Boost Posts To Show Your Post Instantly

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Boost Posts are ads that you develop from posts already on your Facebook Page. Boosting a post might help you acquire more comments, reactions, and shares for your post. You might also reach out to new users who will likely show some interest in your business or page but are not following you at present. 


Boost Posts give you access to detailed analytics that display the performance of your posts. They give you an idea of what works for your Facebook marketing and what does not. You can then refine your Facebook strategy accordingly. This process is effective for all types of Facebook Ads campaigns. When you boost your post, you also get the additional option to make the content visible as a boosted post on your Instagram account. This is a great way to reach out to new customers and followers and spread the reach of your social content.

Use These Ad Types To Improve Your Facebook Performance


There is no denying the fact that Facebook Ads are an amazing tool to promote your small business. However, it is vital that you are aware of which kind of ad fits where, and who you should target with each ad type. All the above-mentioned types of Facebook Ads can offer immense benefits to your business and acquire new customers if used in the right way.