How To Build Trust for Your Local Business

Consumers have more power than ever before, and now have the ability to vocalize and spread their opinions about anything to a wide audience. For 65% of people, online searches are the most trusted source of information.

You should have a digital marketing strategy that cultivates trust and encourages a favourable spread of positive information about your brand. When customers search for your business, and the results prove that you are a successful and engaged business, they are more likely to trust you and do business with you.

Tips To Build Trust for Your Local Business

Building trust with your customers through digital marketing comes from showing you are active on different channels and ultimately developing authenticity for your business, while also proving that you care about your customers.

Engage Customers With Email Marketing

As a local business, you are more likely to be trusted than a larger, multi-national company; customers trust your business because of the personal connections you establish with them. To continue building trust with your customers beyond your storefront, engage with your customers through digital marketing.

Email marketing fosters intimate and engaging relationships with your customers. Segmenting your customers by their interests and previous purchases allows you to send them targeted emails that are personalized to them. You can further establish trust by offering value through discounts and showing you care through surveys asking for their opinions and recommendations to improve your products and services.

Stay Up-to-Date on Social Media

The expansion of social media means that search engines are no longer the primary source of product information, as 54% of consumers use social media for product research. Being active and up to date on social media engages and builds trust with your customers. Posts that demonstrate industry leadership, transparency, and responsiveness establish trust with your audience. 

Encourage and Respond to Reviews

When establishing trust with your customers through digital marketing, reviews should be encouraged and responded to promptly. Authentic reviews prove to your audience that your product is already being used and enjoyed by other customers.

84% of consumers trust positive reviews as much as personal recommendations. Numerous reviews prove that your business is well-liked. You can also build trust with negative reviews if you respond appropriately. If you receive a negative review, answer it promptly and with a similar response as you would in person. For example, offering an apology and solution, then taking active steps to prevent the instance from repeating in the future. Giving an appropriate reaction to a negative review shows people you care about your customers and are willing to correct your mistakes. 

Prioritize Building Trust With Your Local Audience

With the internet being the first place many consumers go before doing business, your online presence must match the quality of your in-person services. If you’re not sure where to get started, reach out to a digital marketing agency to start building trust with your customers through online channels!

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