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How To Write Content That Converts

woman writing at desk

Increasing global demand for every business to have a digital marketing presence means that mediums like traditional print media have become less effective. This shift has forced marketers to evolve and find more appropriate ways to promote brands.  

Content marketing is a planned approach towards marketing that focuses on developing and creating valuable, consistent, and relevant content. A developed content strategy helps retain and attract a defined group, or audience, and leads to more profitable customer relationships.

Tips To Write Content That Converts

Write Effective Titles and Headlines

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The title of any piece of content has a large influence on how much engagement the content generates. 8 out of 10 people might not even glance at your content if they do not find the title captivating. Remembering to optimize content headlines can help increase overall traffic, click-through rates, and conversion rates for your business.


Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer is a great tool to help with this. Simply add your headline and the tool produces a headline grade and score with suggestions for improvement. 


The tool takes the following factors into consideration when analyzing your headlines: 


  • Word balance – The tool helps you create an attractive title by ensuring that it has a proper word balance. 
  • Headline type – The tool well help to choose appropriate headlines to convert customers
  • Character length – It examines if your title is scannable and easy to read
Speak Directly to Your Audience

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Try speaking directly to your audience to instill a feeling of trust in them. Great content can help reduce anxiety in the reader’s mind. By educating and connecting with your audience, you can prove to them you are a credible and experienced source of knowledge.

Trust is a key element in how your customers move through your sales funnel, as people are often quite reluctant to trust sales teams. Aim to create content that can instill feelings of trust in you and your products or services.

Trigger an Emotional Response


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Triggering an emotional response from your audience is another great way to increase conversions. Try putting yourself in their shoes, figure out their issues, and share your experiences of how you overcome them. You can share some information about how your business or your products can help them address these problems, leading them to make a purchase. 

Most importantly, try incorporating analogies, fun metaphors, and anecdotes into your content. Integrate a part of your life in your blogs by sharing relatable personal experiences, and do not be afraid to show your own emotional responses to situations your customers are facing. Show a piece of yourself, by adding an author bio if you can, and be open to questions and explanations.

Offer Great Advice



Do not make your content entirely promotional, as consumers will find it difficult to trust you. Instead, offer worthwhile advice to your consumers. Design 90% of your content in a manner that is problem-solving, informative, and educational for your leads or readers. It will make it easier for the readers to put their trust in you.

The 90% rule is a gradual process. You can still endorse your brand in the sidebar or in mail-outs or banners. You can also generate important inbound links through your content, and through the CTA at the bottom of your blog and articles. Simply avoid doing it inside the articles. Even when it comes to the banners, CTA and sidebars, try giving legitimate reasons your business can actually be beneficial to customers.

This will reduce the chances of people avoiding your brand content, and also increases their chances of sharing beneficial product info. If you are looking forward to going viral, providing relevant content is a great place to start. 

Add a Call-to-Action at the End of Your Posts

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One of the best ways to convert visitors into leads is to add an effective call-to-action, like a subscription form for email, at the end of every published article.


If you’re using your blog to convert readers into mailing list subscribers, you can try some of these methods to grow your list quickly:

Develop a Premium Library – To enhance both actual and perceived value, you can develop a premium library composed of prominent course materials and eBooks. Then you can convince your viewers to subscribe to your email list by including a signup box at the end of each article.

Content Gating – Content gating is a common strategy that can be used to boost visitor conversions on your website. For example, you can encourage sign ups by blocking a certain section of content from your subscribers, which inspires your readers to sign up for the list to access premium content.

Propose Post-Specific Resources – Develop a resource that is post-specific and offer that in a downloadable form in exchange for your visitors‘ email address. Readers are most likely to engage with your campaign when the resource is post-specific, leading to boosted conversions.


Get Started Writing Content That Converts

The way to develop content that can lead to conversions is to leverage emotions within your copy and create the desire for the things you have to offer. Instead of writing filler content, create relevant content that offers value and is highly targeted. That is the way to improve engagement and traffic, and will ultimately lead to greater conversions.