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Webinar: Jumpstart Your Marketing Career With Mathew Paquet

myMarketing branding material.

Mathew Paquet, CEO and Founder of myMarketing Incorporated shares some useful insight to students during this webinar hosted by the Telfer Marketing Association of the University of Ottawa.

Passionate about digital marketing but don’t know where to start? Learn how to jumpstart your career with Mathew who has several years of experience in digital marketing.

When Mathew saw there was a gap in the industry for full-service digital marketing agencies, he decided to start myMarketing, a one of a kind, subscription-based agency that offers various services such as SEO, Pay Per Click Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing that fit within the client’s needs and budget.

Learn more about Mathew’s passion and his suggestions for young aspiring students wanting to accelerate their growth.

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