Leveraging Google Ads for Ottawa Business Growth

80% of local searches result in a conversion, making local search ads an effective means of gaining customers. This is because Google Ads make it possible for businesses to test different ad campaigns, and promotions, and accelerate your business’ exposure in Google’s search results. Now, more than ever, Google Ads have become an important part of an optimized digital marketing strategy for Ottawa-based businesses.

Optimize Your Google Ads To Get More Local Customers

Use Local Keywords

The default setting for location targeting is not actually based on a specified location and is instead automatically inclusive of people who show an interest in your location based on their search queries. This means inclusions can be made for users outside of Ottawa who are researching something within Ottawa (based on their search query). While this can be a great thing when running a campaign that targets travelers, it becomes less effective when looking for quick, local visitors.

If you’re advertising in a busy city, there might be a chance that many people are searching for businesses similar to yours using locally-driven search words. It is therefore recommended to use local keywords as opposed to generic searches. For example, ‘best Italian restaurant in Ottawa’ is a perfect term that can help you capitalize on local searches. You can use SEMRush data, or other SEO tools, to check how many keywords are specific to your business to ensure more accurate targeting.

Use Local Targeting

The standard client account targets potential customers searching for your keywords, who reside within 30 miles of your target area. Since the keywords don’t target specific searches from other regions, there will be less competition from other businesses in other locations.

As mentioned earlier, the default location targeting setting for ads is not “location targeting.” It includes people who display interest in your specific location. For that reason, it’s recommended that businesses change that default setting so they have full use of local targeting. You can do this by heading to the campaign settings and altering the locations tab.

Use Local Search Ads

Local service ads are a new ad format for explicitly promoting specific services to local searchers. They typically perform better than standard ads since they can be featured more often than regular Google Ads, making them extremely important. Local service ads do have some additional benefits, as they also interact with Google Maps. Google displays these ads in the searches for “near me” results on Google’s results pages and Google Maps, which are especially important, as there has been a threefold increase in searches with the keyword “near me” in recent years. This phrase is also indicative of higher purchase intent, suggesting an increased likelihood of conversions.

Use A/B Tests To Optimize Campaigns

A/B testing in digital marketing can be defined as an experiment in which two or multiple variants of a specific page are randomly displayed to users. Using statistical analysis helps determine which variation has the potential to perform best when trying to achieve a specified conversion goal.

For optimizing your Google Ads, you can use A/B testing on the headline, body text, link, and the keywords displayed by the Ads. A/B testing for Google Ads can be conducted for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it is done to get people to sign up for a newsletter, while at other times, it is used as a strategy to sell products and services. No matter your reason for conducting an A/B test, it’s essential to have a goal from the beginning to analyze the results properly.

Use Local Inventory Ads

If you’re a retail business, you must have an inventory. Even if you happen to be a service, there should be several items in stock. Local inventory ads (LIAs) let local shoppers know you have the exact product they’re looking for.

Google Ads is a great way to help local businesses in Ottawa grow, thanks to their many features. If appropriately used, you may gain a competitive edge that drives growth.

Leverage the Power of Google Ads To Grow Your Business Today.

Google Ads can convert 50% more clients than from the usual organic search results. Businesses that have not yet advertised with Google Ads will be pleased to know that there is no better time than the present to begin utilizing this service.

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