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Non-Profit Website Design Tips

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For non-profit organizations, websites play an important role in raising awareness and increasing mission-related engagement levels. A well-designed website captures your visitors’ attention and helps you create a database of people interested in your cause. Considered to be a strong digital marketing tool, a website enhances your social sharing and brand promotion opportunities. However, to make the most out of a non-profit website, it is important to have a well-optimized design. To attract and engage more individuals, web design for non-profits needs to be engaging, informative, and easy to navigate.

Every Non-Profit Organization Must have a Clean Website Design

A good web design for non-profits attracts targeted audiences to your organization and its cause by offering positive experiences to visitors. Therefore, non-profit organizations need to consider their audience’s perspectives while designing their website. When designed and optimized accurately, a website can bring your organization greater credibility, an improved reputation, and a higher return on investment (ROI) for your digital marketing dollars.

Utilize Content Management Systems

Most non-profit organizations don’t have access to professional developers or web designers. However, when it comes to building a successful website, a modern and optimized is necessary. Fortunately, your organization can produce spectacular results with an affordable and highly customizable content management system (CMS). A good CMS makes it easy for organizations to keep their website updated and functional. WordPress, Squarespace, and Joomla are some of the content management systems we recommend and are cost-effective, intuitive to use, and easy to manage.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Today, when everyone is busy and on the go most of the time, it’s essential for you to create a mobile-responsive website. Keeping your non-profit website fully functional on every device, including desktop, laptop, mobile phone, and tablet is essential to succeed and keep your audience engaged with your organization. A mobile-responsive website design not only provides a great user experience but also improves your SEO rankings. In general, Google will rank you higher on search result pages the more your website can be accessed through various devices. You’ll also provide better user experiences, which increases the length of time users spend looking at your website, which in turn further improves your SEO scores.

Implement Easy-To-Access Navigation

Another effective website design tip that every non-profit organization must consider is easy navigation. Ensure that your website has intuitive navigation that helps users find information easily and quickly. Create easy-to-use menus, as they are often the primary way to navigate through your website. Also, consider providing important links in your website’s footer and sitemap to make navigation more effective. Avoiding long words or jargon can also make it easier for your users to explore your website and consume information.

Add Social Share Buttons

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We all know that social media channels are great for connecting with your supporters on a wider and deeper level. Therefore, the next website design tip is to tie your website to social media platforms. If you often promote your cause through social media channels like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, consider adding social share buttons on your website. This helps your website visitors to access your social handles.

Make Your Donation Button Easy To Access

If your non-profit organization aims to collect online donations, ensure that your website prominently features a donation button. Consider featuring such a button on the main navigation bar for easy recognition and access. Apart from the navigation bar, put the online donation button on other relevant pages, and in places where users typically look. Incorporating such buttons on your website and keeping them organic attract more potential donors to your organization. This also helps your donors to access the donation form easily and improves user experiences.

Implementing These Web Design Tips for Your Non-Profit Organization

You can more effectively promote your organization’s cause and attract potential donors with a well-designed website. A frequently updated website, with the right set of information and easy navigation, builds more engagement and encourages repeat visits. The above-mentioned website design tips are time-tested and can help you build awareness about your cause and maximize its fundraising potential.