Top 5 Types of PPC Marketing

Pay-Per-Click advertising or PPC is a paid marketing technique used by businesses where the company pays only when a person clicks the online advertisement posted. There are multiple kinds of PPC advertisements employed by businesses for the promotion of their services and products.
Let’s take a look at some of the different kinds of PPC advertising businesses use and their individual statistics:


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  1. Search Ads

    Search ads are marketing advertisements displayed at the top and the bottom of search engine result pages. These ads are incredibly effective because they appear based on relevant search terms. In fact, 33% of people click on such an ad because of its relevance to their search. Search ads have also been known to boost brand awareness up to over 80%. Statistics have shown that people are 27% more likely to make a purchase when they view a Google ad before visiting a store.

  2. Display Ads

    Display ads are paid advertisements that employ elements such as videos, audio, images, or in some cases, a combination of all. Visual ads are an interesting way to draw the attention of your viewers when they are browsing other websites and persuade them to click on a service or product that might help them. According to marketing stats, display ads have proven to enhance website traffic by 300%. The average click-through rate of display ads across all placements and formats is 0.07%. If you are aiming at expanding your customer base, this might be the choice for you. The Google display ad network reaches out to over 90% of global internet users.

  3. Social Ads

    Social advertisements are ads primarily displayed on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media platforms with a substantial number of targeted users are an excellent place for businesses to reach out to their audience. From 2018 to 2020, social media ad impressions for businesses have risen 20% year over year. On that note, 27% of internet users claim to discover new brands and products through paid social ads. The evident results have encouraged businesses to spend 31% and 69% of Instagram ad budgets for Newsfeed and Story ads, respectively.

  4. Remarketing Ads

    Remarketing ads are targeted advertisements that are utilized to re-engage your previous clients or users, who at some point in time, showed interest in your business, but did not convert. Remarketing ads can remind potential customers of products they thought about buying and encourage them to make a purchase now. Generally, the average click-through rate for all retargeted ads is 0.7% as compared to only 0.07% for display ads. About 68% of marketing agencies and 49% of brands have an allocated budget for retargeting. Statistics have shown that 91% of marketers who make use of remarketing witness similar or better performance than email ads, search ads, or any other form of display ads.

  5. Google Shopping Ads

    Google shopping advertisements are specifically used for product-based ads that appear in the form of carousels at the top of search results pages on Google. This lets you provide one-click access to your business offerings in relation to the consumer’s search term. Did you know that Google Shopping Ads now comprise 76% of the total retail search ad spend? Well, if you are wondering about the costs you might have to incur, the average cost per Click for Google Shopping Ads is $0.66, which is substantially lower when compared to search keywords.


PPC ads specifically offer a wide range of advertising opportunities that businesses can utilize for their benefit. It provides a strong return on investment as compared to other forms of business marketing and is one of the most effective advertising strategies for several businesses. So, which kind of PPC advertising are you planning to employ in your business?

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