Man carrying holiday gifts.

Prepare A Solid Digital Marketing Strategy for the Holiday Season

Man carrying holiday gifts.

The most important quarter of the year has already begun with all the big holidays. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the rearview mirror but, Boxing Day, Christmas and New Year’s are knocking at the door. Given the festivities of this holiday period, it is no surprise that it generates more revenue than the rest of the year for most businesses. Thus, chances are you have already put some thought into your digital marketing strategy to draw the attention of your target audience and improve the overall sales figure. If not, now is the time to consider developing a solid plan and look for smart and effective holiday digital marketing ideas for this season.

During this time of the year, when all competitors are scrambling to rope in customers, planning ahead will allow your brand to stand apart. Here are some tips you can embrace to drive traffic and revenue this holiday season:

Create Special Offers

Discounts and offers are very effective when it comes to attracting traffic and boosting your sales. During the festive season, people are simply looking for the best quality products at the best prices. By offering a great product at a reasonable value, you already stand out from many other brands. To attain your marketing goals, you can apply different offerings such as discounts, free shipping, rewards and more, all while promoting your brand through different channels like emails, social media promotions, display ads and so on.

Enhance Customer Experience

Offer good customer experience and your customers will certainly be likely to come back to you to purchase more products. Apart from focusing on just sales, you must encourage your audience to stay engaged by offering valuable and relevant content. For example, if you deal with food products, provide your customers with some simple and helpful recipes to make delicious cuisines this holiday season. Such small gestures will not only provide them with useful information but also motivate them to purchase your product. If the content is useful to them, they may also choose to share it within their own social network.

Show Gratitude

To attract the attention of both your existing and potential customers, it is essential to stay in their mind. An excellent way to keep your customers loyal and dedicated is by showing them gratitude. Make them feel special. Let them know how valuable they are to your business. Send them gratitude emails or give them special offers that motivate them to do their holiday shopping with your brand.

Create a Gift Guide

Shoppers tend to enjoy the craze of hunting for the best offers, especially if it is a holiday shopping event. They also have a rough estimate of the amount they would like to spend on their gifts. You can provide them with a great shopping experience by making it easy for them to unravel options that are covered within their estimated price range. A gift guide might be a great way to execute this plan.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is an excellent way to communicate with your customers about your products, services, offers, discounts and so on. During the holiday season, when most customers search for offers that create value, email marketing is an effective way to approach each of them personally. However, to make this approach efficient, you need to craft email content that is relevant to both your business and the festivity. You may choose to segment your audience and send offers to them based on their past buying patterns with your company.

Encourage Discussions

Communicating with your customers is important as it not only helps to strengthen your bond with them but also tracks your performance in the market. During the holiday season, when the competition is higher, communicating with your shoppers becomes more important than ever. You can make use of your social media platforms or emails to learn about their interests and get their attention. With personalized responses, you can make them feel special and spike their interest in your brand. Thus, even if you are getting any negative feedback from your customers, you have the opportunity to address it and solve it. This level of customer service sends a positive message to your followers and customers.

Share on Social Channels

Social media platforms are one of the most effective and economical mediums to promote your brand. These platforms are great to run Christmas giveaways and engage the audience in your brand. You can use the platform to share the product information along with interesting images and videos to make your campaign more interesting and share-worthy. On social platforms like Instagram and Twitter, you can take advantage of hashtags to spread the word about your promotions, offers and sales.

Update Your Website

A website gives your customers a clear idea about your brand along with the products or services you deal with. As your website is the face of your brand, you must update it with all the products as well as offers and discounts being provided in this festive season. For a killer holiday digital marketing campaign, you must come up with a Christmas or Boxing day themed promotion on your website. Though there are many other sections on your website, during this time of the year, your website must feature what the customer is looking for – seasonal discounts and specials.

Produce Seasonal Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are effective at targeting specific traffic. However, the content of your ad needs to pinpoint both the product and the occasion. So, if you want to attract more traffic to your website this holiday season, run ads that feature a holiday touch. To create the most effective ad copies, you must also adjust the keywords according to the season and purpose of your campaign.

Final Takeaway

With a proper holiday marketing strategy, you can develop and run a campaign that boosts your seasonal sales. From offering personalized gratitude to customers to communicating with them directly, there are multiple ways a business can adapt to strengthen its digital marketing strategy during festive holidays. However, amidst high competition, it is very tricky to plan an effective digital marketing strategy. Thus, to keep a close eye on your campaigns and run them smoothly, it is worth hiring a marketing agency with proper experience and knowledge of all the digital marketing techniques.

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