Should You Hire an Ad Management Agency?

If you don’t have time to get to all of the side projects on your marketing team’s to-do list, hiring an ad agency is your solution. Ad agency outsourcing saves time and money while freeing up time for your internal team to get to higher priority projects.

Before jumping ahead and signing an agency, however, weigh the consequences: agencies won’t have the same industry knowledge and flexibility as an in-house team would.

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Ad Management Agency

Hiring an outside agency to manage your ads is a cost-effective and time-saving alternative; however, an agency won’t have the same internal and industry knowledge as an in-house team, so the best alternative is different for everyone.

Pro: Save Time

Whether or not you already have an internal marketing team, outsourcing your ad management saves you time.

If you already have an internal marketing team, outsourcing ad management saves them time for other projects that optimize their current skills and resources. Furthermore, because ad agencies have relative expertise, they can complete tasks efficiently and optimize your investment.

In the case where you don’t already have a marketing team, outsourcing your ad management to an agency saves your human resources (HR) team’s time. It takes time to select and hire an outside ad agency, but this process is still less involved than the time it takes for your HR staff to hire ad managers.

Pro: Access Expertise

When you hire an ad agency, you can access a team with in-depth knowledge and experience in ad campaigns. Because you are hiring them temporarily, you can pick a niche agency that fits your needs for a specific campaign. However, if you go with an in-house team, you’ll need that team to have a range of skills to meet different organizational needs.

Pro: Less Investment

An agency already has the software tools necessary to manage advertisements. With an agency, you save money on the investment into software and optimize its use through their years of experience.

Supporting an in-house ad management team requires investing in software and research tools to uphold their practices. Setting up these tools requires a significant financial investment for purchasing them and taking the time to train your employees on using them effectively.

Cons: Lack of Internal Experience

Ad agencies have multiple clients, often from various industries, which means they won’t have the same level of trade-specific knowledge as an in-house team would. It takes time for an ad agency to understand what works in your business sector and how to implement successful ads.

Cons: Flexibility

Most ad agencies are not flexible in their terms of service. Agencies have other clients, so their flexibility with turnaround times or moving between projects is typically quite rigid. Whereas with your in-house team, you have a clear understanding of your employees’ availability and can move them between projects relatively easily.

Hire an Ad Agency to Save Time and Money for Your Team.

Outsourcing your team’s AD management to an agency allows you to save on resources and access industry expertise; however, the lack of internal experience and flexibility might not be the best fit for your company. Before deciding between hiring an agency or managing your ads internally, consider your marketing team’s needs and current resources.

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