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The Importance of Google Analytics for Your Business Website

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Google Analytics is one of the most useful tools for digital analytics. This is because Google Analytics offers invaluable insights that help you shape and develop a successful strategy for your brand. It enables you to understand and track the behaviour of your consumers, online content, service functionality, and more. Most importantly, Google Analytics is free to all users and is easily set up for any business.

Why You Need Google Analytics on Your Site

Discover How People Find Your Website

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There are more than 1 billion websites online globally right now. Each of these sites is struggling to garner attention in this crowded internet space. For your website to perform its function effectively, your audience must be able to find it.

To help with this process, there is an entire section on Google Analytics called ‘Acquisition’ dedicated to offering information on how your visitors found your website. Google helps you to track the number of people who land on your site after clicking a link in the organic search results, the number of people who come from the links that are shared via social media (e.g. from paid ads and other websites), and by directly typing the website into your search.

Understand Page Traffic

Bounce Rate is a vital metric that indicates the percentage of visitors that exit from your website after simply visiting a single page. It is important to try and diminish this percentage as much as you can. Many businesses experience a significant volume of traffic, but not enough conversions. This shows that consumers are visiting your website but cannot find what they are searching for, or lose interest once they land on your site. Subsequently, it results in a high bounce rate. Google Analytics offers an intensive report of pages with higher than average bounce rates. The reason for these high rates could be a lack of proper optimization or a site that is unappealing to users. You can always find ways to bring down bounce rates by improving pages where users frequently bounce from, adding more calls-to-action, or finding ways to increase clicks with promotions and more engaging content.

Learn About Your Audience

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When using Google Analytics, you can discover valuable data regarding your audience to understand the channels that drive the majority of traffic to your site. The audience metrics section in Google Analytics offers information regarding people who are visiting your website like the demographics, gender, age, devices, locations, and interests. Additionally, it offers relevant data regarding the ways in which visitors are driven into your site, which helps you develop effective marketing strategies and targeting options for future digital marketing campaigns.

Track Conversions on Your Website

Each business website designates targeted actions that they want their visitors to perform. You can create conversion tracking using Google Analytics for your site based on actions that you want visitors to perform, like completing a form, making a purchase, or signing up for an email list. Conversions are high-impact results, and are a vital measure of a website’s performance. Google Analytics helps gauge whether your CTAs are appealing and producing results, and helps you understand your site is converting visitors into customers.

Start Optimizing Your Website With Google Analytics

The importance of Google Analytics is undeniable. It offers several insights that can be implemented to increase conversions, improve the functionality of your website, and make your site more user friendly..

While there are other platforms for analytics management, Google Analytics stands out as a highly relevant and free solution for handling your website’s analytics.