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The Importance of SEO in 2020 and The Top 5 Benefits it Can Bring to Your Startup or Small Businesses

Man reviewing SEO graphic.

SEO is Google’s way of determining and segregating sites that must be ranked highly in accordance with the search query entered into the search engine.

In most cases, search engine users click on one of the 5 top search results every time they make an online search. Thus, ranking high in the search engine ranking page is a vital part of your online traffic.

In this blog, you will discover the importance of SEO and the top 5 benefits it can bring to your business.

What is The Importance of SEO in 2020?

Consumers today reside in a world of digitization. A whopping 94% of B2B buyers research online before they purchase a product or service. Thus, brands or enterprises that do not plan on leveraging the significance of SEO will eventually miss out on value that could be added to their businesses.

With a worldwide market share of over 90% and approximately 3.5 billion searches per day, Google is by far the most popular search engine. Modern consumers perceive online tools like Google to be a fundamental part of their shopping experience. Therefore, Google can not be ignored by any business.

How Does SEO Work and What Does it Do For Your Startup or Small Business?
Modern search engine algorithms are a parameter that decides the order in which the sites will be ranked based on a specific search query. This is done to ensure that sites with quality, relevant and reputable information are consistently ranked at the top of the search engine ranking page.

As a startup or small business, you want more people to visit your website and generate as many leads as possible. Investing in SEO helps you achieve just this. It allows you to strategize your online content in such a way that Google decides to rank it highly in its search engine. Securing a favorable spot in the Google rankings is a way of establishing your site as a credible source of information for consumers. With this, consumers will be much more likely to come across your online content and pay attention to it. SEO, if done right, can substantially increase your web traffic which, in turn, can generate more sales.

Why is SEO Essential for Startups and Small Businesses?

With the competitive frenzy in today’s business market, it is vital that startups and small businesses make themselves as accessible as possible to their prospects. A strategic SEO plan helps your website rank high on search engine results which will help more customers find you and come across your online content. The higher your company content ranks on a search engine, the more people you will reach. After all, almost 95% of the web traffic is on the first page of Google.

The prime goal of SEO is to boost the volume of qualified traffic to your website with the aim of transforming viewers into customers. Another importance of search engine optimization for startups and small businesses is the commendable boost in sales it brings through minimal investment. For this reason, SEO stands out as one of the best ways to enhance conversion rates and increase return on investment.

The online exposure created for your brand through SEO gives it the much-needed awareness and recognition it needs to stand out from competitors. With time, people will increasingly start recognizing and connecting to your brand. The more often they see or interact with your brand name, the more likely they are to perceive your company as credible and reputable. This increase in traffic and favorable perception towards your brand will contribute to the likelihood of a boost in sales.

Each consumer drawn to your online content brings with them a collection of valuable information that can be attained through tools like Google Analytics. This information includes your consumers’ geographic location, their preferred channels of engagement and the means through which they found your website. This can later be used to improve your company’s marketing strategy.

Top 5 Benefits of SEO For Startups and Small Businesses

With the abundance of online content that has an answer to virtually every online search, business people must know that creating good online content and publishing it is not enough. Without using SEO tactics to increase your content visibility, it is unlikely that it will ever gain enough traction to reach large sums of viewers. Search engine optimization experts are the key to making your online content both visible and accessible.

With an ever-increasing trend in daily searches on Google, startups and small businesses can highly benefit from the efficient use of SEO marketing. Wondering how? Here are a few of the benefits SEO has to offer.

Enhance Quality Traffic

It is no secret that ranking high in organic search results is a vital advantage. Optimizing your content with effective on-page and off-page SEO tactics is an excellent strategy to increase both traffic and customer clicks. If your SEO strategy is effective, many strong prospective customers will be a part of this traffic. Quality traffic means generating more leads and eventually more sales.

Provide High Rates of ROI

Return on investment achieved through SEO, churns higher returns than those achieved through traditional marketing. For companies who have succeeded at earning a high search engine ranking, viewers are likely to stumble upon their content rather than those of competitors. This continuous inflow of traffic, more often than not, results in an increase in revenue.

Enhance Key Brand Metrics

As stated earlier, people trust search engines and the results they show. A strong search engine optimization strategy helps you influence these search engine algorithms and place your site at the top of search engine ranking pages. This helps your company enhance key brand metrics such as brand awareness, brand recognition, brand reputation, brand credibility, brand perception, and many more.

Helps Overcome Competition

Running a business in today’s highly competitive market is not an easy task. However, strong SEO can help startups and small businesses gain a competitive advantage. This digital marketing technique allows a company to bring continuous organic traffic to their business which helps acquire more customers who could have otherwise been the customers of your competitors.

Receive Customer Insights

Search engine analytical tools allow you to extract useful information about your consumers. With this, companies can have a better understanding of their target audiences by knowing when, how, what, and where their search queries are conducted. Startups and small businesses can leverage this data to improve their customer SEO strategy and overall marketing strategy.

Implementing SEO for your Business

SEO is essential for businesses irrespective of size, type or stage. It is a cost-effective method to generate multiple positive benefits for your company. Though some of the basics of SEO can be implemented by an SEO amateur, hiring a digital marketing agency allows for a better SEO strategy and execution which, in turn, generates better results.

Performing SEO Yourself

For businesses with a low budget, doing digital marketing and SEO on their own is always an option. Here are a few points to keep in mind while performing SEO activities for your business.

  • Consider On-Page SEO

    • Focus on keyword research
    • Focus on site architecture and responsiveness
    • Focus on content relevance
    • Focus on meta description and meta titles
    • Focus on title and header tags
    • Focus on alt text
    • Focus on URL Structure
    • Focus on internal linking
  • Consider Off-Page SEO

    • Focus on backlinks
    • Focus on domain authority
    • Focus on social promotion

The important aspects of SEO can be a lot to consider for an amateur or for a businessperson that must also take care of mainstream business activities. Implementing SEO activities that contain flaws can hamper the results and prevent them from being as effective as desired. Thus, to rank well in search engine pages and acquire more traffic through SEO, companies should consider hiring an SEO consultant or agency.

Hiring a Consultant or Agency

Many industries are becoming more competitive than ever with each passing day. To survive against your competitors and draw the attention of your target audience, it is very important to have an effective SEO strategy. There is no better way to ensure this than to work with an SEO consultant or agency. These SEO professionals have the expertise and resources to strategize and implement ideal SEO for your business. They will create an SEO plan that is customized for your company and that takes into consideration relevant SEO trends to encourage the best results for your company.

SEO, if exploited and used to its best, can help startups and small companies reap amazing benefits. The takeaway? SEO activities backed by a strong SEO strategy are the key for your business to emerge as a winner.

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