User Experience for Digital Platforms

User Experience (UX) is a vital aspect behind the success of any business app or website. Every business aims to garner attention from its viewers and keep them hooked to their content for as long as they can. However, to accomplish this effectively, businesses must focus on offering users high-quality user experience design.

Here is what a good experience can provide your digital platform:

  1. Structure

    If you are looking forward to making your business website or app a success, you must structure your platform and content appropriately. Structuring your website or app in a manner that makes it intuitive and appealing for users to understand increases the likelihood of receiving positive responses from your audience, and makes it more likely your users will return to your content again in the future.

  2. Usability

    Did you know that 90% of users stop using an app when it performs poorly? If you want to make your website accessible and appealing to as many users as you can, your business must focus on usability. Usability helps businesses keep viewers glued to their app or website for a longer span of time, thereby increasing the likelihood they’ll convert into customers. The overall usability of a website or app is important to about 79% of users. For instance, if your website is optimized for mobile, 74% of people are likely to return to it.

  3. Responsiveness

    Users utilize a number of devices to use an app or access a website. To make sure that your app or website gets displayed effectively, it is vital that you make it responsive to every device type. About 48% of users get frustrated when a website is not mobile responsive. An unresponsive digital platform will prevent your users from accessing your website or using your app, since it will not be compatible with their device. Moreover, 60% of users do not trust a company that is not optimized for mobile devices. This might, in turn, adversely affect your sales. 57% of internet users do not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website.

  4. Navigation

    Navigation refers to the ease with which users can find exactly what they are looking for on your app or website. Did you know that 60% of mobile users move onto the next website if they are unable to find what they are looking for quickly? Making the navigation and menus of your website intuitive makes sure that your website or app is able to deliver your users the information they’re looking for. Over 60% of internet users do not recommend a business to a colleague or a friend if the website is not easy to navigate. So, make sure that you put in a lot of effort to offer a quality website navigational experience to your users so they can find what they need quickly and efficiently.

    User experience is the key to keeping your existing and new customers interested in your business and offering. If you have a fun and intuitive website across all devices, it will further boost the user’s interaction experiences with your app or website.

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