User Interface for Digital Platforms

User Interface (UI) design distinctly focuses on the appearance and style of your app or website. The visual attributes play a major role in helping users locate the information they are searching for on your site and influence how they interact with your content and calls-to-action.

Your digital platform and content must be organized and designed in a manner that follows industry trends:

  1. Visual Design

    Visuals are a vital part of attracting the attention of your customers and developing a recognizable brand image among potential consumers. According to reports, 48% of people consider the design of a website to be the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business. People often forget what a brand promotes or sells, but can easily recall the visual elements linked with the same brand or business. About 38% of people stop engaging with a website if its layout or content is unattractive. The importance of visual design becomes even more important in the case of an e-commerce website. 42% of online shoppers base their opinion of a website based only on its overall design and make purchase decisions accordingly.

  2. Branding

    Branding empowers a business to create its own unique identity. Implementing recognizable and unique brand elements within your digital platforms will strengthen your branding and promote brand recall in your target audience. 73% of businesses invest in professional UI design to help their brand stand out. Branding further helps establish brand authenticity that is important for good sales, with about 91% of consumers preferring to make purchases from an authentic brand they connect with

  3. Interactivity

    Having interactive content can help your business engage with its target audience for longer periods of time. Interactive content is among the top three preferred content types for 45% of B2B buyers. Your business, therefore, needs to make use of interactive elements, visuals, and styling guides to encourage customers to interact with your app or website. Interactive content can garner twice as much engagement for your business compared to static content. Businesses have now started witnessing the difference that interactivity can make, with up to 88% of marketers saying interactive content is effective at making their brand stand out.

    UI has a major role to play in the overall performance of your website or app. To make sure that your customers have a good experience while visiting your platforms, make sure you pay attention to the underlying visual design of your content and ensure your UI is optimized. The above-mentioned tips will help you make your brand’s digital platforms enjoyable for your customers.

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