Video Marketing Infographic

Videos have become one of the most effective and interactive mediums for digital marketing. Videos can grab the attention of viewers much faster than other types of media, and encourage engagement by generating more interest in your brand.

Top Kinds of Video Marketing

  1. Educational Videos

    Educational videos are an efficient way to make people aware of your brand and products while framing yourself as an expert in your field. 96% of consumers were able to better comprehend a product or service after watching an explainer video about it. Landing pages with explainer videos generate about 86% more leads than those without them.

    Educational videos are an effective tool to establish trust and credibility with your consumers. 62% of businesses use explainer videos to help consumers gain a detailed understanding of the products they wish to purchase. Tutorial videos are the most viewed videos on YouTube and grab a great deal of attention from millennials and older consumers spending time on the internet.

  2. Company Culture Videos

    Company culture videos are published by brands to display the ethics and beliefs of the business. On average, 64% of consumers have been known to purchase a product after watching branded social videos.

    The prime goal of company culture videos is to develop relatability and trust among an audience. Many customers also seek out this type of content, with up to 54% of internet users looking for more videos from the brands they support.

  3. Product Videos

    Implementing high-quality product videos and demos can garner a great deal of attention from your audience when your business is looking to attract consumers to new products.

    About 50% of internet users search for videos related to a service or product before they visit a store. This is primarily why major brands invest in creating attractive product demos that make consumers pay attention to the services and products they offer. Product videos help consumers get a better idea of the purpose of a product and how it can help them. Product videos have successfully been playing their part in the social media arena as well, with 62% of people becoming more interested in a specific product after viewing it on a Facebook story. Similarly, about 50% of digital shoppers purchase products they come across on YouTube.

  4. Testimonial Videos

    Purchasing a product or relying on a business without any previous experience with a brand can be an unnerving task, especially when shopping online. Experiences and reviews from your users play a vital role in making sure that potential customers can trust your products and services.

    Over 92% of consumers consume online testimonials and reviews before making a purchase. In fact, reviews, whether positive or negative, have been known to influence purchasing decisions. With 88% of customers placing their faith in online reviews, they are just what you need to establish credibility and trust. 56% of people find customer testimonials to be helpful. Much like your own self, 79% of people watch a video testimonial to discover more about a service, product, or company before making a decision. Videos are an essential piece to the digital marketing puzzle for many businesses. Videos are often a consumer’s very first go-to before purchasing a product, and can help consumers learn more about your brand, products, services, and what your other consumers think about you.

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