Couple speaking to a digital marketing professional.

The Top Ways to Expand a Business’s Customer Base

Couple speaking to a digital marketing professional.

Identifying the right customers is essential for thegrowth of any company. Whether it is about boosting sales or staying abreast of the competition, finding and retaining customers is the keystone of success. Honing the tactics of recognizing and understanding the customer’s needs helps businesses develop an effective marketing strategy.

Attracting the ideal customer is all about identifying a set of individuals with similar needs that your company can cater to and finding ways to reach them. This provides a clear vision of the customers, based on their demographics and psychographics, and helps companies capitalize on these effectively.

Understanding Your Audience

In today’s world, where image-building and brand recognition are more important than ever, understanding your target audience is essential for marketing success. Realistically, no business can afford to target everyone, nor should they. On the other hand, finding a niche market allows small businesses to compete with larger enterprises and create a product that fits a unique need.

Defining a target audience that fits an organization’s criteria makes the whole marketing process easy, effective, and affordable. However, this is challenging and requires expertise. Marketers use audience segmentation to define the target audience which enables them to strengthen marketing communication and make the most of the company’s budget. In audience segmentation, a market is divided into subgroups on the basis of:

Geographic location

It allows businesses to identify and serve customers of a particular area. Segmentation is done on the basis of countries, states, cities, and so on.


This is the most used segmentation process, defining customers on the basis of gender, age, financial status, education, occupation, family size and so on.


This involves dividing a certain market on the basis ofpsychological factors like lifestyle, personalities, beliefs and values. This lets businesses predict the attitude of customers and design marketing campaigns accordingly.


Behavioural segmentation isolates an audience by their actions and behaviour. This lets businesses identify customers based on their needs, preferences, buying patterns, brand loyalty and so on.

Finding Your Audience

Now, it is time to attract your ideal audience. Though this is one of the most difficult parts of a marketing strategy, it is crucial in promoting the brand and generating leads. Here are a few tools or channels companies can implement to attract new customers.

Organic Marketing

With over half of the world’s population on different social media platforms or search engines, organic mediums are the ideal place to discover and reach a company’s target audience. With relevant content, these platforms allow businesses to connect with their audience effectively.


This is a great technique for businesses with an existing client base. If you provide a great customer experience, satisfied customers are likely to refer the business to their family, friends and acquaintances. Current customers can also be persuaded to refer the business to their network by being offered referral-based incentives.


Joining different networking groups relevant to the industry allows enterprises to gain insight into their target audience. Rather than looking for profit, companies must initially try finding solutions to the problems of others that make them unique in the industry. In a networking system, word of mouth acts as a catalyst in connecting with leads.

Business Partnerships

Building a strong relationship with businesses that have a similar client base can form a mutually beneficial relationship that will help drive new customers to both companies.

Paid Advertisements

Businesses can use different digital platforms to advertise their brand and set their ad criteria to match their exact target audience. This tactic can also be used to offer discounts and other incentives to bring back customers or encourage them to provide referrals.

Audience Insight Tools

Audience insight tools let the company analyze their marketing efforts and learn about what is or isn’t working for them. Such tools thus help businesses to learn about interested candidates and their profiles and design their campaigns accordingly. Marketers use these insight tools to create benchmark goals to judge their marketing performance.

The Takeaway of Understanding and Finding Your Audience

Customers are the lifeline of any business. So, the first and foremost strategy for the long-term growth of any enterprise is to acquire and expand the client base along the way. Still worried about how to find new customers? Incorporating the above-mentioned tools and strategies can help your business find new customers and craft marketing campaigns accordingly.

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