Why Remarketing Is Important for Small Businesses

Have you noticed that the day after you make an internet search, you get ads and promotions for the website you visited the day before? This is a digital marketing strategy known as remarketing.

Remarketing is an effective technique to connect your product or services with consumers who are already interested in what you offer. The benefits of remarketing include improved brand recognition, ad relevance, and a higher return on investment (ROI). When you know your potential customers, you can tag them as site visitors and deliver advertisements to them through search engines and social media platforms.

Why Remarketing Is Important to Your Small Business

Remarketing creates a tag of invisible code that is attached to each user’s browser using cookie-based technology (unless the user disallows cookies). The code tracks which of your pages a user has visited, and facilitates remarketing ads after a visitor has left your site. Remarketing can help you achieve different digital marketing goals, including driving your sales, increasing subscriptions, and raising brand awareness.

Improve Brand Recall

Remarketing promotes brand awareness within your target audience. You can use this digital marketing strategy to appeal to audiences who failed to convert during the first visit to your site. Using reminders of your products and services across different platforms improves brand recall and recognition and keeps your brand top-of-mind when prospects are ready to make a purchasing decision.

Generate Higher Conversion Rates

One of the main benefits of remarketing is its potential to increase your conversion rate. By targeting consumers who have already viewed your website, you can skip steps in your sales cycle and cut down on the time and resources that are required to close sales using traditional methods. Remarketing also reminds your leads about your brand and generally have a very low cost-per-impression, so they’re often budget-friendly as well.

Lower Cost-Per-Conversion

Lowering the cost-per-conversion is another reason why remarketing is important to your business. Compared with other digital marketing techniques like pay-per-click ads, remarketing ads often have a lower cost-per-click and cost-per-impression. You can also combine this technique with contextual targeting to engage prospects at critical moments based on their online behaviour.

Target the Best Audiences

Remarketing is an opportunity to target individuals with personalized ads after they interact with your site. Alternatively, you can also target users based on what other platforms they use the most. For example, you can remarket your ads on specific social media platforms or types of websites, which gives you a significant amount of control over which users you would like to re-engage and where you would like them to see your content.

By placing your ads online based on your audience’s previous actions, you deliver relevant ads based on users’ actual interests and needs. Your ad copy is likely to be the most effective when you create compelling writing that focuses on the products or services they were looking at on your website. You can therefore leverage behaviour segmentation to create ads that appeal to the interests of those visitors. You can also include information about special offers or discounts in your ad text so that they are incentivized to revisit your website and re-evaluate your offering as soon as possible.

Remarketing Your Business to Improve Conversions

Remarketing is a powerful digital marketing tool when it’s implemented correctly. Now that you have a foundation of why remarketing is important to your digital marketing strategy, you can retarget consumers who have bounced from your website without making a purchase and generate more sales, even on a limited paid advertising budget.